Dubai to Salalah

   Dubai to Salalah Road Distance 1,220.2 kms
   Dubai to Salalah Aerial Distance 918 km
  Dubai to Salalah Travel Time 12 hours 11 minutes

How to reach Salalah from Dubai

The easiest and most preferred way to reach Salalah from Dubai is by flying there. The only direct flight is about 2 hours long. Since only one airline provides direct flights we suggest you book your tickets well in advance. Other airlines provide connecting flights with an average time of 5 hours, which is still quicker than road.However the road trip is much more beautiful and economical, with two route options one through the desert and one along the coast line. 

Knowing The Details

1. Dubai to Salalah by Flight
2. Dubai to Salalah by Road
3. Dubai to Salalah by Bus
4. Popular Routes to Salalah
5. Popular Routes from Dubai
6. Places to Visit in Salalah
7. Hotels in Salalah

1. Dubai to Salalah by Flight

About 5 flights depart Dubai for Salalah everyday with varied timings. The direct flight is offered by Fly Dubai and connecting flights by Salam Air and Oman Air.
  • Starting Price: AED 600
  • Departure Airport : Dubai International Airport
  • Arrival Airport: Salalah International Airport
  • Travel Time: 2 hours (Direct Flights) and 5 hours ( connecting flights)

2. Dubai to Salalah by Road

Travelling to Salalah from Dubai can be a tiring 12 hour journey. But this has its positives as well as the drive along the coast , the preferred route , is extremely relaxing and beautiful. The other route cuts through the desert with not much to enjoy. 

Route 1: Via Sohar 

Via Route 32
  • Distance: 1565 Kms 
  • Travel Time : 17 hours
  • Places to see: Burj Khalifa,Sohar Fort, Shines Fortress ,Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Dagmar Beach, Bimmah Sinkhole, Hidden Beach, Wadi Shab, Camel Race Course. 
  • Eating options: The Tea Club Cafe , Alhain Cafe, Al Dar Restaurant,  Rabia Al Sham - Wadi Shab, Al Faris Restaurant- Thumrayt St. 

Route 2: Via Al Ain

Via Route 31
  • Distance: 1228 Kms
  • Travel Time: 12 hours
  • Places to see: Burj Khalifa, Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain, Sultan Qaboos Youth and Cultural Centre. 
  • Eating Options:  At.Mosphere - Burj Khalifa, Yemen Balqis Restaurnat- Al Jahili Fort, Wonder Bakery- Al Maha Gas Station, Rawabi Fayhaa Cafe, Ardh Al-Gharf Bakery, Lakabina Cafe

3. Dubai to Salalah by Bus

The cheapest option out of all is travelling by bus to Salalah from Dubai. However the bus takes the longest out of all options available. The bus operates only once a day from this route so its better to make sure you book your seat well in advance. 

Route Operator: Mwasalat

  • Frequency : Once a day
  • Distance: 1226 Kms
  • Ticket Price: AED 100
  • Travel Time: 16 hours
  • Starting Point: Dubai International Airport
  • Terminating Point: Salalah Bus Station  
Note: All tickets are available at bus stops and stations.

Popular Routes to Salalah

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Muscat to Salalah 9 hours 42 minutes 1017 kms
Dubai to Salalah 12 hours 11 minutes 1,220.2 kms

Popular Routes from Dubai

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Dubai to Abu Dhabi 1 hour 22 minutes 140 kms
Dubai to Sharjah 24 minutes 28 kms
Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah 1 hour 18 minutes 112 kms
Dubai to Salalah 12 hours 11 minutes 1,220.2 kms
Dubai to Al Ain 1 hour 38 minutes 144 kms
Dubai to Ajman 37 minutes 44 kms

Top Hotels In Salalah