Muscat to Salalah

   Muscat to Salalah Road Distance 1017 kms
   Muscat to Salalah Aerial Distance 856 km
  Muscat to Salalah Travel Time 9 hours 42 minutes

How to reach Salalah from Muscat

Salalah is the southern part of Oman which boasts of a rich history , archaeological remains, misty mountains, waterfalls, lush green forests and pleasant weather. 

The easiest and most preferred way to reach Salalah from Muscat is by flying there. The flight is about 1 hour 40 minutes long. However the road trip is much more beautiful and economical, with two route options one through the dessert and one along the coast line.

Knowing The Details

1. Muscat to Salalah by Flight
2. Muscat to Salalah by Road
3. Muscat to Salalah by Bus
4. Popular Routes to Salalah
5. Popular Routes from Muscat
6. Places to Visit in Salalah
7. Hotels in Salalah

1. Muscat to Salalah by Flight


About 10 flights depart Muscat for Salalah everyday with varied timings. The duration is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Salam Air and Oman Air are currently the only airlines offering this route. 
  • Starting Price: AED 300
  • Departure Airport: Muscat International Airport
  • Arrival Airport: Salalah International Airport
  • Travel Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

2. Muscat to Salalah by Road


If you enjoy road trips and have a a few extra hours to spare we would suggest you do the road route between the two cities. It is one of the most relaxing journeys as the roads are mostly flat and straight until you reach the lush green mountains of Salalah. There are two options on this route, one is through Nizwa and the dessert which is quite bland, and the other is the suggested route along the coast crossing Sur and Duqm. 

Route 1: Via Route 17 and Route 32

  • Distance: 1300 Kms 
  • Travel Time: 15 hours
  • Sights on the way: Tropic of Cancer , Ashein Mosque, Dagmar Beach, Bimmah Sinkhole, Hidden Beach, Wadi Shab, Camel Race Course. 
  • Eating options: Refresh The Coffee Shop- Al Aktkiah Oman Oil Service , Alhain Cafe, Kunafa Albasha - Bimmah Sinkhole,  Rabia Al Sham - Wadi Shab, Al Faris Restaurant- Thumrayt St. 

Route 2: Via Route 31

  • Distance: 1013 Kms
  • Travel Time: 9 hours
  • Sights on the way: Al Sahwa Public Garden, Al Makarim Hall, Al Safsaf Shopping Centre, Alverwarh Sports Stadium, Al Majid Mosque, Masjid Al Mazraa, Izki Mountains, Wadi Dawkah, Al Nahdah Tower, Sultan Qaboos Youth and Cultural Centre. 
  • Eating Options on the way:  Bellapais Restaurant- Burj Al Sahwa Roundabout, Wonder Bakery- Al Maha Gas Station, Rawabi Fayhaa Cafe, Ardh Al-Gharf Bakery, Lakabina Cafe 

3. Muscat to Salalah by Bus


Another transport option for a road trip, but cheaper than booking a taxi is the public bus system from Muscat International Airport to Salalah. The buses are comfortable with regular washroom stops and snacks. 

Route Operator: Mwasalat

  • Frequency : Thrice a day 
  • Bus Timings:  7:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 7:00 PM
  • Distance: 1005 Kms
  • Ticket Price: AED 90
  • Travel Time: 12 hours 30 minutes 
  • Starting Point: Muscat International Airport
  • Terminating Point: Salalah Bus Station  

Note: All tickets are available at bus stops and stations.

Popular Routes to Salalah

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Muscat to Salalah 9 hours 42 minutes 1017 kms
Dubai to Salalah 12 hours 11 minutes 1,220.2 kms

Popular Routes from Muscat

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Muscat to Dubai 4 hours, 30 minutes 452 kms
Muscat to Salalah 9 hours 42 minutes 1017 kms

Top Hotels In Salalah