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Food of Raipur

Raipur food is an excellent blend of traditional and modern cuisines. Due to a high tribal, ethnic population of the region, Raipur also has a wide variety of tribal foods served in its restaurants and made in its homes.
Raipur is located in the region which is also called the ?rice bowl of India?. Hence most of its food specialities are made from rice or rice flour. In breakfast, the most popular traditional dishes are the fara, muthiya, angakar roti and chousera roti.

Staple Food of Raipur
The staple diet of the people of the city includes wheat, maize, jowar, lentils or dal along with rice. Use of leafy vegetables and curd is also common, giving rise to delicious dishes, such as kochai patta, chowlai bhajji, khoda bhaji, bohar bhaji and chech bhaji. Dal is another favourite of the region and the Bafauri made from chana dal is a delightful delicacy eaten with rice or chapatti. Another delicious local curry called Rakhia badi is made from rakhia fruit, coriander, chillies, ginger and black grams.

The Mahuwa tree is prevalent vegetation in the Chhattisgarh region, and the fruit of the tree is considered to be nutritious and healthy with proteins, minerals and vitamins. The fruit is eaten as a vegetable whereas the oil is used for various purposes, such as making soap, lighting lamps, cooking and so on. The Mahuwa fruit is an essential ingredient in traditional tribal foods. Other tribal foods include the Petha and Rakhia badi. Both are prepared during festivals or special occasions.
The Bore Baasi is a Raipur speciality that is ideal for the summers. It keeps the body hydrated and fresh and helps maintain the water level of the body. Made from cooked rice dipped in buttermilk or yoghurt it is eaten with raw mango or pickles.

Sweet Dishes of Raipur
Raipur is also famous for its sweet tooth. There are a variety of interesting sweet dishes that are found in local outlets and restaurants. Dhoodh fara, bidiya, gulgula, kusli, bafauli, khurmi, balooshahi are some of the local sweet dishes that are popular in the state as well as its capital. The petha and jalebi are the other common sweet dishes.
Like any city in India, street food is a large part of the cultural landscape of the city. Raipur being the capital city is known for its various localities and outlets that specialise in the wondrous pohas, jalebis, chats, samosas, kachoris, dahi vadas, moong dal halwas, aallo tikkis, gupchup and more. The Gandhi Chowk, Rathore Chowk, Shankar Nagar, VIP Road, Jail Road, Ramsagar Para are some areas where street food stalls and outlets are ubiquitous.

Raipur is emerging as a tourist destination, and hence many restaurants cater to the global taste. The capital city is bustling with many restaurants and hotels that serve continental, Chinese, Indian, Mughlai dishes along with the traditional foods.

Here are the top 1 restaurants in Raipur:

1. Girnar Restaurant

Girnar Restaurant is a great option for some quality North Indian food with larger gatherings. Also offering a thali section, they have a handful of Chinese dishes as well.

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