"The Land of the Marble Rocks."

Bhedaghat Tourism At A Glance

Also regarded as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, this small town has earned a reputation for the 100 ft tall resplendent rocks on either sides of Narmada in not only India, but all across the world. Bhedaghat is in close proximity of one of the major cities of Madhya Pradesh of Jabalpur.

Boating in this setting during a moonlit night would surely make up for an unforgettable experience. A few kilometres away are the thunderous Dhuandhar Falls which will take you a different level of brilliance.

Hotels in Bhedaghat

There are very few hotels in Bhedaghat, the most renowned one being the MPSTDC hotel Marble Rocks. But one can set their base as Jabalpur which hardly 20 kms away and then get set to visit the town of Bhedaghat. There are a lot of accommodation options available in Jabalpur. There is one luxury hotel, the Grand Heritage Narmada Jacksons and there are many other budget hotels also.

What's Great?

Small town and can be covered in a day. Mesmerizing waterfalls and marble rocks which are actually hidden gems. Not very far away from Jabalpur.

What's not so Great?

Could get hectic for a few to cover everything in one shot

For Whom

Bhedaghat is an ideal getaway for those are looking for day trips especially in and around Madhya Pradesh. An excellent location for family vacationers and adventurers, experience seekers, nature lovers and photo fanatics.

Bhedaghat doesn't have much to offer for foodies as it is a small area and mostly visited just for the waterfalls and marble rocks. However, there are few stalls which serve snacks which can cater to the hunger needs of travellers.

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Commuting Within Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat is easily accessible by roadways also. State run buses are available from the city of Jabalpur. Government buses and shared auto-rickshaws are also available from Jabalpur to take you to Bhedaghat. The other method to reach Bhedaghat is by taking a motorboat from the jetty at Panchvati Ghat (Rs. 30 per head) and its a 50 minutes ride along the river Narmada.

One Day Itinerary

Reach Bhedaghat in the morning and head to the Chausath Yogini Temple which is dedicated to goddess Durga in Hindu Mythology. It is a climb of 150 steps to reach the temple but the view is spectacular and worth it. After the temple, visit the beautiful Dhuandhar Falls. Rejuvenate along the mighty waterfalls. It is an incredible and calming experience. Save the marble rocks for sunsets as it looks prettier during the sunset from the boat ride.

A sea of Marble Rocks

Bhedaghat is known for its marble rock formations which are gigantic and breathtaking when one witness it in real life. From the banks one cannot see the actual formation of the rocks, hence a boat ride in the Narmada is a must. The rocks rise to about a hundred feet on either side soaring and glittering in splendour. The visit to this place is nothing but an out worldly experience which you can only feel and not talk about.

Reviews about Bhedaghat

Do not get fooled by the locals while buying artefacts, enquire in a couple of places.


Have a guide with you or make a well researched plan for yourself and only then embark on to your trip.


Questions about Bhedaghat

By Subhobrata Das

Is it a better idea to visit Bhedaghat on a full moon night or any night is just as great?

Although Bhedaghat is one of those places which look straight out of a fairy tale pretty much whenever you visit it, moonlit nights here are just amazing. The river looks silver in the glow of the full moon and the imposing marble rocks. The experience of boating on a moonlit night is mesmerizing.

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