Marine Drive Raipur: The Other Side Of Telibandha Lake

The Marine Drive in Raipur is situated right in the heart of the city, along with the periphery of the immensely beautiful Telibandha Lake. The whole stretch has been meticulously planned and beautified by the government to attract tourists. Among the many initiatives taken to upgrade Marine Drive to international tourist standards, the most noticeable ones are enabling wi-fi throughout the stretch, installing clean toilets, carrying out mass health-awareness drives, and setting up food stalls and selfie-points through its entire length.

The graffiti walls adjoining the lake-side, beautifully painted by local artists, are mesmerising and add an instant splash of colours to the whole set-up, making it even more appealing to the eye.
Graffiti art, Marine Drive Raipur
 The flag-pole that stands tall at the height of 269 feet, right in the middle of the lake, is India’s fifth highest and has become symbolic of the spirit of Raipur. With its picturesque setting and tasteful decoration, it is the perfect spot to spend a couple of hours with family and friends after a long day. 

The Tallest Indian Flag, Marine Drive Raipur

How to reach Marine Drive, Raipur

Because of its strategic location in the heart of Raipur, Marine Drive can be reached from any part of the city by private or public transport. For visitors and tourists from outside, Raipur Junction is the nearest major railway station. From the railway station, several buses make stops near Marine Drive.

The bus stops close to Marine Drive are Rajendra Nagar, Ghari Chowk, Hotel Sapphire Inn, Pension Bada, and Telibandha. Visitors may also hire a taxi or an auto rickshaw to reach Marine Drive directly from the railway station or their hotel.

Best Time to Visit the Marine Drive

Summer months from April to June are generally unbearably hot, and tourists usually visit the place after sunset during these months. Winter months from November to February see maximum tourists flocking to Marine Drive because the weather is pleasant. The rainy season from July to September is not an ideal time to visit as at times the rainfall is too heavy or incessant.

Watch the Surreal Beauty of Marine Drive after Sundown

Although tourists flock this place throughout the day, it is best visited after sunset because of the remarkable lighting that is beautifully reflected by the lake. The beauty of this place takes a complete transformation after sunset.

The beauty of Marine Drive, Raipur

Things to Do In and Around Marine Drive - Engage Your Evening Walks With These Activities

Because of the distinct cheerful vibe exuded by this place, Marine Drive at Raipur is the most preferred destination for relaxing and unwinding. It is not surprising that this spot is trendy not only among tourists but also among locals.

1. See the Astonishing Art Gallery

One portion of the Marine Drive serves as an open-air art gallery where budding, as well as experienced artists, display their work. The small houses adjoining the lake-side have been painted in bright hues, instantly transforming the ambience of the place from a regular lake-side spot to a vibrant and energetic tourist place.

2. Take a Stroll in the Evenings

The brick-layered pathway is ideal for a relaxing stroll with your loved ones, biking, or jogging in a beautiful natural setting. Health conscious people often come here to run, especially before sunrise. For those who would rather sit and admire the lovely vibe of the place, there are several benches spread across the periphery of the lake.

3. Engage yourself in a Health Program 

Of special mention is the health-awareness program ‘Sehatmandi’, that is regularly organised here, and comprises of cultural events like daces, acrobat stunts, and cycling shows.

4. Explore the Fabulous Photography Spots

Marine Drive at Raipur is an excellent location for photography because of its colourful and vibrant ambience. Much in line with the ‘Iamsterdam’ fixture in Amsterdam, the Marine Drive at Raipur has a distinct ‘Mor Raipur’ (translated as ‘My Raipur’) inscription statue, making a fabulous selfie-point. The unique and colourful ambience makes Marine Drive a perfect spot for clicking pictures in an incredible backdrop. 

Mor Raipur, Marine Drive Raipur

5. Enjoy the Savoury Delights at the Nearby Stalls 

The numerous food stalls lining the entire walking path offer lip-smacking snacks and small shops sell knick-knacks and souvenirs.

It is no surprise that this destination features among the cleanest and most well-kept tourist spots in the state. Many souvenirs like postcards, fridge magnets and posters highlight this place in all its glory.

Marine Drive Raipur

And That’s Not All

The government has recently sanctioned a huge project that will develop a state-of-the-art entertainment zone, replete with laser and light shows, climbing zone, boat rides, toy train rides and a separate food zone at Marine Drive. Because of the amenities and world-class facilities here, it is counted among the top tourist destinations in Chhattisgarh. The Gurudwara right next to the Marine Drive is yet another jewel in the treasury of the place, and many tourists visit it.

Overall, the Marine Drive at Raipur is the perfect place to spend a few hours either alone or with loved ones. With its vibrancy and distinct appeal, it is suitable for people of all ages who wish to take a break from their routine life and to visit a spot that has become synonymous with the effervescent spirit of Raipur and its people.

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