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Timings : 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM; Closed on Mondays

Time Required : 5-6 hours

Entry Fee : INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children

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Nandan Van Zoo & Safari, Raipur Overview

Nandan Van Zoo, located at Naya Raipur, is one of the famous places of visit in the city. With its primary objective to protect and conserve animals, the zoo has many species of fauna. There are jungle safari and boating rides and is a perfect spot to spend the day with kids. It is fascinating to watch the animals wander around the jungle, and it also gives an exposure to many species which are not very popular and on the verge of extinction. Also, the facilities provided by the zoo are comfortable and affordable.

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Places to Explore in the Zoo

The zoo offers safari rides through the jungle lasting for about 2 hours which is very exciting, especially for kids and animal enthusiasts. There are many species of birds such as Love Birds, Owls, Emu, Pheasant Golden and so on which are free to fly in the jungle. There is also boating rides in the zoo in a lake which is quite broad. The lake is spread over 130 acres and is called the Khandwa Reservoir.

The safari rates are INR 100 for adults and INR 50 for children between the age of 7 and 12. No charges are applicable for children below the age of 6. It is up to the visitors choice to choose their safari vehicle the charges of which are in addition to the basic safari charges.

There are two options - one is an air-conditioned vehicle which will be charged INR 300 and the other is a non - AC which will be charged INR 200. It is to be noted that separate charges have to be paid for taking photographs and videography. Also, prices are quite hiked for foreigners.

Safari Zones in the Zoo

There are four major safaris offered by the zoo.

The herbivores safari is for an area of about 30 hectares where many species such as Blackbucks (also known as the Indian Antelope), Nilgai or Blue Bull and more especially the Sambar deers and spotted deers, all of which are widely spread. Surrounded by a forest of trees, it is a great shelter for the animals.

There is also Tiger safari that gives a wide exposure to a lot of Bengal tigers which is spread over an area of 20 hectares. There is also a Lion safari, spread over 20 hectares where Indian Lions can be spotted. Apart from these, there are also other carnivores and omnivores such as Mongoose, Leopards, four-horned Antelopes and Jackals which roam freely around the forest area.

Making the visit more exciting, there is a Bear safari with a collection of Himalayan Black Bears, Albinos and so on. It is spread over 20 hectares and the sight of the bears clinging on trees or slothing around in the forest area is mesmerising.

Geography of Nandan Van Zoo

Spread over 800 acres of land, the zoo was built with the objective of breeding and conserving endangered species. Led by a huge gate, the zoo has different sections. The Monument section is where private vehicles can be parked. The Administrative section consists of the office and the residential area for the employees. Water area is the place where the large lake is spread out and boating rides are conducted. There is also a waiting area where there is an iMax theatre, Museum, Canteen and food courts. The zoo zone consists of the different enclosures for the diverse species in the jungle. All the safari areas are covered by chain link fences at a height of  5 metres and 1.5 metres. There are separate enclosures for tigers, lions, bears, leopards and tortoises within the jungle. Also, there is an individual region for reptiles.

There are separate places allocated for two wheelers and cars, all of which are chargeable.

Wildlife in the Zoo

Nandan Van zoo is most popularly known for its Jungle Safari. With 32 species, the zoo is populated with tigers, lions, hyenas, leopards, birds, reptiles and other herbivore animals. There were also 55,000 saplings that were planted around the zoo, making it appear like a blanket of greenery. The animals are fed with protein and carb-rich foods. Also, there are veterinary doctors available to check up on the animals regularly and in case of emergencies.

Availability of Eateries

Near the ticket counter, there is a little shop where snacks are available. There is also a food court inside where breakfast and lunch is available. Food brought from home is not allowed inside.

Places to visit Nearby

Surrounding the temple, there are a number of temples that can be visited to spend some devotional time. Also, at a distance of 14 kilometers is the Gandhi Uddan which is a calm place to spend the evening. With a collection of various fauna and spread over a compact space, it is a beautiful and peaceful garden to spend the evening. Adding some shopping to the visit, there is the City Centre Mall at a distance of 16 kilometres from the zoo.

How To Reach Nandan Van Zoo & Safari

Nandan Van Zoo at Naya Raipur is located at a distance of 13.5 kilometers from the heart of the city. Local buses, auto, taxis and trains are available to commute to the zoo. Private vehicles or hired ones can be to used to reach the zoo. The closest railway station is in Raipur at a distance of 14 kilometers from the zoo which connects to all major states and cities. The nearest airport is 30 kilometers from the zoo. Local transportations can be used to shuttle between the different places of visit.

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