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Food of Bhimbetka

Since Bhimbetka is more of a tourist spot rather than a complete city, most of the eating revolves around the city of Bhopal. Early morning in Bhopal you can find various stalls serving Poha Jalebi . It sounds like a twisted combination, but is very famous amongst the local people in this region. You can get this at almost every shop and restaurant in and around Bhopal.

If you are comfortable with small restraints, you will find many Dhabba on way to the caves which serve this famous combination with a hot cup of tea or what local people call it is "cut chai". Bhopal also offers a rich Indian cuisine to be explored. The sweet sour and spicy 'chaat' of this city is very famous. Since Bhopal is also the hub of Mughlai culture, famous delicacies like chicken tikka, biryani, goat kebabs etc. are offered here

Here are the top 3 restaurants in Bhimbetka:

1. Noor-Us-Sabah

C/O Welcome Heritage, VIP Road, Kohe Fiza, Bhopal 
INR 600

2. Jehan- Numa Palace

157, Shamla Hill Shymala Hills Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462013 
INR 500

3. Highway Treat

Osangabad Road, Bhimbetka Raisen Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh 
INR 600

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Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh
The Rock Caves

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