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Also Refered As:

Sinh Dwara or Chhindwara

"Corn City"

Chhindwara Tourism

Nestled in the heart of the mighty Satpura range of hills, Chhindwara is the largest district of Madhya Pradesh. Filled with Chhind or white date palm trees, Chhindwara city has thick plantation surrounding the region along with different tribal communities like Gond, Pradhan Korku and others inhabiting harmoniously together.

Chhindwara is located 110 km from Nagpur is a hub of culture and tradition and this is seen through the festivals of Mahadev Mela, Pola, Meghnath and others make it a much more pleasant place to visit. Situated on the banks of the Bodri stream, a tributary of river Kulbhera, the town also has a rich abundance of flora and fauna. 

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More on Chhindwara

History of Chhinadwara

The town of Chhindwara is assumed to be ruled by the Nandas at first. Then arrived the Mauryas in the 4th century BC, continuing the legacy. However, there is no written documentation of its past; only the inscriptions found elsewhere in nearby cities prove these facts. According to other folktales, it is believed that Ratan Raghuwanshi of Ayodhya founded this place after killing the Gaoli chief. After the reign of the Mauryas, Nandas, Vakatakas, Kalichuris and others, now these stories remain with Chhindwara signifying it’s surviving past.

Chhindwara Traditions

Being home to multiple tribes and adopting various ethnic traits, Chhindwara is diverse in its everyday traditions and outlook. Tribes like Gond, Korku, Bharia, Pradhan have vivid ways for their daily activities. Performing folk dances like the Sela and Gedi dance, folk music and promoting annual melas like Mahadev Mela - is a part of their culture. Also referred to as the Corn city, maize cultivation forms an integral part of the lives of Chhindwara residents. 


Knowing the local language of the region will be helpful for the journey. Gondi and Hindi languages are most prevalent in the area. It is always good to plan prior so that one can stay at their desired location. June to August is the season for rainfall in Chhindwara. So, carrying an umbrella is a must along with packing few extra clothes for the wet, humid and damp atmosphere.

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FAQs on Chhindwara

What is famous about Chhindwara?

Chhindwara is a little town in the heart of Satpura range of hills bounded with everlasting beauty. The exhilarating locale, culture, traditions, festivals, temples, hills, waterfalls and forts make it a town of remembrance and charm.

What is not so good about Chhindwara?

Nightlife in Chhindwara is not highly rated. Nature lovers will like the city but not adventure seekers and party goers.

Who should visit Chhindwara?

Greenery lovers, history lovers and enthusiasts for a small treks will definitely like Chhindwara. Also travellers who like to plan short trips, can plan to spend memorable days in Chhindwara without haste.

What is the best time to visit Chhindwara?

The best time to visit Chhindwara is from June to August when the weather is favourable for visitors. The average maximum temperature is recorded during the month of May (which is not a good time to visit Chhindwara), whereas the ending months of the year become misty with cold winds. June is the time when summer starts retreating while the monsoon gradually prepares its arrival. The average temperature remains 26-degree Celcius with the change of maximum precipitation.
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What is the best way to reach Chhindwara?

  • By Air: The closest airport to Chhindwara is Nagpur Airport, around 125 km away. Chhindwara can also be accessed via Bhopal(286 km away)/Jabalpur (215 km away).
  • By Rail: Chhindwara is well-connected to most railway lines through its own railway station in Chhindwara city - Chhindwara Junction. Patalkot Express(14624/14623) runs daily for Delhi(Delhi Sarai Rohilla). Trains from Indore also connect Chhindwara to the rail network.
  • By Road: There is a well-connected road network to Chhindwara. Taxis and buses are readily available from the abovementioned cities.

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What are the places near Chhindwara?

The top places near to Chhindwara are Pachmarhi which is 69 km from Chhindwara, Kanha national park which is located 172 km from Chhindwara, Bhedaghat which is located 149 km from Chhindwara, Bhimbetka which is located 167 km from Chhindwara, Pench national park which is located 92 km from Chhindwara

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