What is the best time to visit Quebec City?

Although the ideal time depends entirely on the kind of experience you’re looking for, the best time to visit Quebec City is during Summer (June - September) and Winter (December - February). For the cheapest reservations, one should visit Quebec City in November, and the best time to avoid the crowd is during January. During the summer season, the weather in Quebec is warm and sometimes quite humid. Temperatures can soar as high as 40 degrees. Summertime in Quebec City also brings in Canada’s largest outdoor music festival, ‘Festival d'été de Québec’. Other fun events during the summers include a free circus show, ‘Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec’, which is a fireworks display, and many more fun events. During winters in Quebec City, temperatures tend to dip past the zero degrees mark, but even then, the city tends to be bustling with tourists. Since the temperatures go way past the zero degrees mark, you need to make extra efforts to pack a lot of woollens to keep you warm. Quebec City winters are mostly popular for its famous Winter Carnival: Carnaval de Québec, which hosts a variety of fun activities.

Weather in Quebec City


Upcoming Quebec City Weather

Monthly Weather in Quebec City

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January -4°/ -13° 6 days
February -3°/ -14° 4 days
March 2°/ -9° 6 days
April 7°/ -3° 6 days
May 16°/ 4° 12 days
June 22°/ 10° 14 days
July 28°/ 15° 14 days
August 25°/ 13° 15 days
September 19°/ 8° 11 days
October 13°/ 4° 10 days
November 2°/ -6° 7 days
December -2°/ -10° 7 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Quebec City

Quebec City in High Season/Peak Season

The summer months of June through early September and the winter months from December through February attract the maximum number of tourists to Quebec City. The weather during summer is warm and humid, but mostly pleasant, which makes it an ideal time to visit Quebec City, for those who want to avoid winter. There will be a crowd of students on their summer vacation and families who do not wish to travel during winters.
Winters in Quebec city is very chilly with the temperatures falling below zero degrees. There are also heavy snowfall, but surprisingly, tourists flock the city in large numbers mainly due to the world-famous Winter carnival. Accommodation and transportation prices are very high during both the season due to massive rush, so it is advisable to make a reservation at least three to four weeks in advance to get the best deals at the cheapest rates.

Quebec City in Low Season

Low season in Quebec is usually the months of March and April when the temperatures start to climb, but chilly winds continue to blow. April also brings with it a few spells of rain. The damp climate, along with very few events scheduled makes this time of the year relatively unpopular among tourists. Also, this time of the year is somewhat peculiar for tourists as it is too warm for winter sports and too early for summertime activities. The relatively less number of tourists, who visit Quebec City during this time of the year, comprises of people who wish to experience the maple harvesting season and its perks. Accommodation is readily available during this time of the year due to lack of demand, and you need not make your reservations for more than three weeks in advance.

Quebec City in Shoulder Season

After a few months of pleasant weather and massive crowds, October and November are reasonably lean, due to the sudden change in weather conditions and lack of special events. Early October marks the beginning of fall in Quebec City and is a beautiful sight to witness. Tourists generally flock during this time to experience this natural colour changing season, that is, the fall foliage. However, in November, temperatures start falling, but it also means that the winter sports season begins. During this time of the year, hotels slash their prices, and Quebec City becomes an extremely budget-friendly vacation spot.

Quebec City in Summer Season (June-August)

Weather in Summer 
Summer time in Quebec City ushers in warm but pleasant weather and a heavy influx of tourists. The weather in June is quite comfortable to enjoy travelling or walking across the cobbled streets of the City. July is the warmest season in Quebec where temperatures can rise up to a maximum of 25 degrees. Along with the mild heat, this month also receives a substantial amount of rainfall. Sometimes the heat might become quite intense here due to the humidity accompanying it, but with breathable fabrics like linen, it is easier to tackle such situations. But, all in all, the summer time weather in Quebec City is quite pleasant, making it popular among the tourists. Not just the weather, tourists flock here in large numbers to attend a host of special events lined up during this time of the year. 

Activities in Quebec City during Summer
  • The streets of Quebec City are quite pedestrian friendly and make for a great way to spend a day but simply exploring the Old Quebec City on foot. Grab a tourist friendly map and you are good to go.
  • When in Quebec, do go on a food tour. Quebec has some mouth-watering local food and wine.
  • Go on a day tour to the famous tourist spots in Quebec City like Old Quebec, Montmorency Falls Park, and Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre.
  • Those who love strawberries can head over to Ile de Orleans, sometime around the end of June to enjoy the first picking season
  • Thrill-seekers can rent a bicycle and go cycling across the city and its outskirts or can kayak down a river. There are a lot of adventure parks and wildlife parks in Quebec as well.
  • Beat the heat by enjoying different water sports at the beach or take a dip in the water in the public pools. There is also a spray park here for kids to enjoy during the hot weather.
Events in Quebec City during Summer
  • Festival d’été de Québec (July)- This Festival is Canada’s largest music festival which brings in a lot of international artists as well as upcoming artists from all around the World. It goes on for 11days with more than 250 shows across 10 stages.
  • Free Circus Show (July, August and September)- Circus is something enjoyed by all age groups and this circus in Quebec City, with its innovative acts and artistry, will keep you entertained throughout the show. Moreover, the fact that it is held outdoors without any entry fee is the icing on the cake.
  • Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec (July and August)- Quebec City hosts a fireworks display show every year on the banks of St.Lawrence. You can witness this spectacular show free of cost.
  • Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France festival (August)-It is a unique historical event which is held in Quebec City with great pomp to honour the city’s role in the continent’s history. Hundreds of artists perform in this cultural festival along with several fun activities and food stalls, set up for the visitors to enjoy the day.
  • ComediHa! Fest-Quebec (August)- With over 450 comedians, 300 shows and a host of other fun activities, at ComediHa!, you are bound to have the best time of your life, laughing at the jokes and enjoying. Tickets are sold off really quick, so make sure you book in advance.
  • Festibière (August)-The Festibière festival is for all the beer lovers to enjoy a great summer day in Quebec. More than 75 exhibitors from Quebec as well as around the world display their microbreweries and food trucks for their customers. This festival also hosts musical shows to go with the vibe.

Quebec City in Fall Season (September-November)

Weather in Fall
As the month of September arrives, the season of fall foliage starts to creep in and the temperature starts to fall low. While the days are quite pleasant, the evenings are quite cold, but not too uncomfortable. By the mid of October, the fall season is at its peak and the city looks absolutely spectacular with all the red and gold hues. Winter starts to kick in by this time of the year and by the end of November, temperatures can go as low as -4 degrees. Make sure you pack your jackets, sweaters, gloves and boots.

Activities in Quebec City during Fall
  • You can spend a day canoeing or kayaking around amidst the breathtaking fall views in Quebec and  Vallée Bras-du-Nord offers a lot of activities you can enjoy while admiring the beauty at the same time.
  • Hikers and adventure seekers can head to Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier, Sentiers des Caps de Charlevoix, Mont-Sainte-Anne for an exhilarating journey as well as to witness some of the most picturesque views that Quebec has to offer during fall.
  • Wildlife lovers can take a day trip to Cap Tourmente National Wildlife Area or Marais du Nord to witness seasonal animals like the snow geese that migrate every fall.
  • With Halloween around the corner, you can visit a few of the historic cemeteries in the city to get a perfect spooky feel.
  • September and October are the ideal months for picking different varieties of apples and grapes directly from the Orchards. Ile d’Orleans and Cote-de-Beaupre are ideal locations for an apple picking trip.
Events in Quebec City during Fall
  • Mont-Sainte-Anne’s Great Colour Adventure (September and October)- Every year, the mountains of Mont Saint, adorns its best autumn colours during fall. This festival held at the base and at the summit makes for a great place to enjoy various activities including live shows, sports, breakfast buffets, exhibitions, entertainment area for children and a lot more.
  • Halloween on the Plains of Abraham (October to November)- Every year, during Halloween, The National Battlefield Commission hosts various fun events like Ghoulish walk, stories to walk the dead, Haunted tower and a lot more. As spooky as the names may sound, these events are all equally entertaining for all ages.
  • SSQ Quebec City Marathon (October)- Fitness freaks can join this event, where hundreds of runners take part in a 6hours destination marathon, every year. But make sure you register with them at least a week in advance.
  • Québec City Celtic Festival (September)-At this festival, you can get a taste of everything Celtic. Experience the music and culture and discover Quebec City’s connection with the people of Scotland, Ireland etc. This is North America’s only Celtic Festival, so don’t miss a chance to attend it.
  • Quebec Gourmet Table (November)- For all foodies, this festival is definitely worth a visit. During this festival, 40 restaurants across the city offer you their menus at fixed prices. You can taste the flavours and creativity of world-class chefs at reasonable prices during this festival.
  • Parade des jouets or Santa’s Parade (November)- This event is the most joyous events for kids. With floats, mascots and entertainers, this parade will surely transport you and your kids to the dreamy land of Christmas delights and kids can even meet with Santa Claus and click pictures!

Quebec City in Winter( December-February)

Weather in Winter
Winters in Quebec are extremely chilly and temperatures can dip down as low as -20 degrees. The weather changes from frosty to foggy and dark snowy weather to a dazzling day full of sunshine, almost rapidly. Make sure you bundle up in multiple layers of sweater, parkas, heavy jackets, gloves, hats, woollen socks and heavy boots, to keep yourself protected from extreme conditions. Winter days are mostly sunny and pleasant if properly covered up. December and January have heavy snowfalls and the entire city looks absolutely stunning, covered in snow with Christmas decorations on. Winter season is the best time to visit Quebec City for those who can tolerate extreme weather conditions and want to enjoy the most of this Winter Wonderland.

Activities in Quebec City during Winter
  • Days are mostly sunny and pleasant during winters and make for an excellent time to try out winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing and a lot more.
  • Quebec has amazing thermal spas and Scandinavian style Nordic Spas where you can relax on a cold winter day.
  • During winters in Quebec City, certain spots turn into ice slides and you can try tobogganing here.
  • Christmas in Quebec calls for evening markets like the German Christmas Market, where you can try out traditional delicacies and buy Christmas gifts as well.
  • You can spend the day warming up in the museums of Quebec instead of spending the day outdoors if it is too cold.
  • Old Quebec Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and looks straight out of a winter fairyland during the Christmas season. Go on a walk in the lanes and have a traditional meal at a cafe.
Events in Quebec City during Winter
  • German Christmas Market (November to December)- A few weeks prior to Christmas, this market is set up in the heart of Old Quebec Town, to recreate the Christmassy vibe of the European celebrations. Beautifully decorated in all Christmas spirit, this market has several stalls selling homemade traditional delicacies,Christmas goodies, decorations, live music and much more.
  • New Year’s Eve Party at Quebec City (December to January)-Every year, on December 31, there is a huge outdoor show at Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale in front of the Parliament Building. After the show, there is a spectacular musical fireworks display once the clock strikes midnight. Not just this, throughout the last few days of the year, the city glows with festive lights and live traditional music.
  • Quebec Winter Carnival (February)-Every year, thousands of tourists come to Quebec in winter just to witness this carnival. The carnival hosts fun activities and a lot of shows. The most popular ones include ice slides, snow sculptures, dog sledding, night parade etc.
  • Snow Pentathlon (February to March)- Snow Pentathlon is a multisport event held every year comprising of cycling, skiing, running, skating and snowshoeing. The races are held in the heart of the city and everyone is free to watch it.
  • Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament (February)- It is a unique world-class hockey tournament, which is held every year since the past 61 years. It attracts tourists from all over the world who come to witness his unique historical game.

Quebec City in Spring (March-May)

Weather in Spring
Springtime in Quebec City is marked by the arrival of ‘slush’ or a mixture of melted snow and mud and it lasts for a relatively shorter period of time. Even though during this period, the winter chills start to fade away and temperatures rise steadily, the weather still remains unpredictable so a trip to Quebec during springtime needs you to be prepared for unpredictable conditions. March trips require warm clothing, like winter jackets and gloves, because the temperature still stays pretty close to the freezing point whereas, for end of spring trips that is late April or May, one should pack both warm as well as light clothes and the temperatures might fall or rise rapidly. By the time May arrives, the weather starts to warm up quite a bit and the days are quite pleasant. During the first few weeks of springtime, most attractions remain shut and winter sports can be enjoyed only during early March when the snow is still there.

Activities in Quebec City during Spring
  • If you are visiting Quebec City at the beginning of May, then a few snow rides might still be open as long as the snow lasts. So you can try out après-ski in one of the Ski resorts in Quebec.
  • Go on a local sightseeing tour in the pleasant sunny weather.
  • Catch the enchanting views of migratory birds like Snow Geese, as they embark upon their spring migration journey from Quebec.
  • Springtime is the prime time for sugar shacks so you can indulge in mouth-watering delicacies like baked beans,omelettes, tourtière (a traditional meat and pork pie) and a wide  array of maple syrup desserts, including the famous tire, which is a hot taffy poured on snow and then pulled on a stick before it gets hard and crepes dipped completely in fresh maple syrup.
  • Head out to the countryside and admire dozens of orchids and other flowers in full bloom, which makes for a beautiful sight to witness.
  • Spend a lazy day on the beach, under the sun and enjoy some water sports with your family.
Events in Quebec City during Spring
  • Quebec City’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration(March)- Every year, more than a thousand participants gather on St.Patrick’s day in Quebec and tourists can join and sing along in this parade as well. This is a fun event for everyone and also a unique sight for visitors as they witness the merrymaking of the Irish residents in Quebec.
  • Quebec City’s Magic Festival (May)- Quebec’s Magic Festival hosts more than 70 shows every year, where magicians from across the world participate and engage their audience on an enthralling adventure. This show is perfect for those with children.
  • Carrefour international de theatre (May to June)- Every Spring, the Carrefour international de théâtre presents to the audience, a variety of artistic theatre works and is a major festival in Quebec City. Many foreign productions present their works in this festival along with Canadian productions. This festival is a celebration of theatre and should be visited by every theatre enthusiast.

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