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Quebec City Tourism

One of the more prominent francophonie areas worldwide, Qu_bec is rich and vibrant, in every sense. Culture, art, adventure, religion, natural beauty and luxury are all found in abundance in Qu_bec, and makes it one of the most versatile areas around the world, fit for any tourist.

One of the few cities of North America that hasnt yet lost its old-world European charm, Qu_bec is the perfect tourist destination. Its beauty not only lies with its aesthetically pleasing neighbourhoods, lush country, religious and indigenous culture, but also in its versatility as a tourist destination- there is so much to do, all year round, for everybody. From taking a leisurely stroll around Old Qu_bec and marveling at its architecture, to finding oneself in awe of the Montmorency Waterfalls, the tourist has a large range of activities to pursue at Qu_bec. Culturally, ïle d'Orl_ans and Wendake offer a refreshing look into the citys history, with scenic natural surroundings to delight the eye. There is no one fixed time to visit Qu_bec, for winter in the city is as picturesque and engaging as any other time, with skiing, dogsledding, snowmobiling through the citys snowy area for the more adventurous tourists, and the Winter Festival. Thus, Queb_c is filled with gems, and is great for a quick getaway and simultaneously, a weeks worth of beautiful experiences and travel.

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Exchanging Money in Quebec City

The best area for currency exchange is either at the Devises Etrangeres A Qu_bec in the Old Town. Other areas include the airport (Jean-Lesage International) or important commercial banks.

Shopping in Quebec City

Qu_bec is a queer combination of shopping malls, wide shopping promenades on streets, art galleries and souvenir shops, with most streets filled with artisanal boutiques and small clothing and souvenir stores. All these streets are pedestrian-friendly, with the best ones being Petit Champlain District, Rue Saint Jean, Avenue Maguire and Nouvo Saint-Roch. Place de la Cit_ and Laurier Qu_bec are the most popular malls in the area, with a large number of brands and cineplexes.

Nightlife in Quebec City

In the Old Town, there are traditional bars (referred to as the 'boites š chansonsê), pubs, lounge bars and a few clubs. Around the Place DêYouille, the atmosphere is more laid back, as the student bars and the youth clubbing scene is more prevalent here. There are also gay and lesbian bars, representative of the small but thriving LGBT community in the area. For more details on the nightlife at Qu_bec, tourists may refer to Voir, a popular alternative website.

History of Quebec City

Canada was primarily a French colony, founded by France, and Qu_bec was one of the main areas occupied by the French. Its boundaries being altered repeatedly, Qu_becês history has been filled with quite some conflict. Since the British occupied the francophonie region in the 18th century, the French-speaking minority had been oppressed. Therefore, the differences between these two linguistic communities have been apparent. The era of transformation dawned in the late 19th century and the early twentieth century, with rapid urbanisation of Qu_bec, and today it is one of the most important cities in Canada.

Language of Quebec City

The language commonly spoken in Qu_bec is French in the Qu_becoise dialect, with little English being spoken beyond the Old City, which is the most tourist-friendly area. Therefore, knowledge of some rudimentary French is advisable. Most signs in the area are also in French. Hello: Bonjour, Where isÄ: Ou estÄ?, Please: Sêil vous plait, Thank you very much: Merci beaucoup, Youêre welcome: De rien.

Quebec City Customs

Dress codes are not very strict around Qu_bec, and tourists may dress according to the weather. Tourists must keep in mind that tipping is prevalent in Qu_bec, and customers usually leave about 10-15% of the total amount at least as tips for the service staff.

Religion of Quebec City

Roman Catholicism makes up the religious majority of Qu_bec, with a reasonably diverse set of minorities, like Islam, Sikhism , Hinduism and Buddhism. There is no official religion, so it is secular.

Daily Budget for Quebec City

Qu_bec is quite an expensive place, so even on a shoestring budget, tourists should have at leat CAD 50-80 at their disposal. For mid-range and luxury travellers, CAD 100 upwards is necessary.

Currency in Quebec City

Major cards in Qu_bec are accepted, with ATMs usually accepting cards worldwide. USD (American Dollars) can be used at times at major establishments, but they must be used while keeping exchange rates in mind. For the smaller shops, carrying Canadian dollars is advisable.

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How to Reach Quebec City

How to Reach Overview

Easy travel to Qu_bec can be facilitated through roads, rail and airways.

How to reach Quebec City by flight

Jean-Lesage International Airport, that is 10 kms away from the city-centre, is well connected to all major cities in Canada, USA and around Europe. Some important air carriers operating in Qu_bec are Air Canada, Air Inuit, Pascan,American Airlines and and Westjet.

How to reach Quebec City by road

Highway 20, or Autoroute Jean Lesage is the main route to Qu_bec from almost every Canadian city, and Highway 40 makes the city accessible from the north.

How to reach Quebec City by train

Rail Canada facilitates rail travel between important Canadian cities like Ottawa, Montr_al, Toronto and Qu_bec. Qu_bec has two stations: Gare du Palais and Gare de Saint-Foy.

How to reach Quebec City by bus

Intercar, Orleans Express and Greyhound buses are all available for transport to and from important Canadian cities.

How to reach Quebec City by waterways

There are ferries across the St. Lawrence river, and that is about all the waterway that Qu_bec has.

Local transport in Quebec City

The best way to get around the main city of Qu_bec, is to walk. This was, tourists get a fuller experience of the area, as the streets are filled with small cul-de-sacs, buskers, and fascinating buildings. Cycling and motorcycling are also other, quicker options. Public transit, such as local buses and taxis are also available, as are car and limousine rentals (slightly more on the expensive side).

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FAQs on Quebec City

What are the places near Quebec city?

The top places near to Quebec city are Montreal which is 233 km from Quebec city, Toronto which is located 729 km from Quebec city, New york city which is located 714 km from Quebec city, London which is located 4990 km from Quebec city, Dubai which is located 10378 km from Quebec city

What are the things to do in Quebec city?

The top things to do in Quebec city are A Culinary Journey: Chocolaterie and the public market, Old Town, Baie Du Beauport, Centre d'interpretation Kabir Kouba, Montmorency Waterfalls, Observatoire De Capital. You can see all the places to visit in Quebec city here

What are the top hotels in Quebec city?

There are 365 in Quebec city which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Quebec city are Au Bord du Fleuve / Near the River, Les Immeubles Charlevoix - Le 760705, Les Immeubles Charlevoix - Le 760805, Les Immeubles Charlevoix - Le 760512, Condo Le 1000 - Quebec, Votre coin zen à Québec. You can see all the hotels in Quebec city here

What is the best way to reach Quebec city?

Easy travel to Qu_bec can be facilitated through roads, rail and airways.
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What is the local food in Quebec city?

With a large range of French, Canadian and European cuisine, Qu_bec is a food-loverês paradise. French-Canadian cuisine is most prevalent in the region, with dishes like tourtieres (pies filled with meat and spices) and Tire sur la Neige (fresh, hot maple syrup poured on snow to create a fudge-like candy). Poutine (french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds) is also a must-try for tourists. Qu_bec is also famous for all its cheese, and its startling variety of rich cheese. There is also a variety of shawarma available on the streets.
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What is the best time to visit Quebec city?

Although the ideal time depends entirely on the kind of experience you’re looking for, the best time to visit Quebec City is during Summer (June - September) and Winter (December - February). For the cheapest reservations, one should visit Quebec City in November, and the best time to avoid the crowd is during January. During the summer season, the weather in Quebec is warm and sometimes quite humid. Temperatures can soar as high as 40 degrees. Summertime in Quebec City also brings in Canada’s largest outdoor music festival, ‘Festival d'été de Québec’. Other fun events during the summers include a free circus show, ‘Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec’, which is a fireworks display, and many more fun events. During winters in Quebec City, temperatures tend to dip past the zero degrees mark, but even then, the city tends to be bustling with tourists. Since the temperatures go way past the zero degrees mark, you need to make extra efforts to pack a lot of woollens to keep you warm. Quebec City winters are mostly popular for its famous Winter Carnival: Carnaval de Québec, which hosts a variety of fun activities.
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