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Montreal Tourism

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada. A city rich in culture and history, Montreal never fails to impress its visitors. Beautiful architecture, festive spirit, interesting museums and delicious cuisine- you're sure to fall in love with this city full of life.

Montreal has shades possibly more than a rainbow- and that's the best thing about this metropolis. From old-styled classic architectures to modern skylines, from fusion restaurants to authentic local food spots, from bustling markets to amazing museums, from religious buildings to an exuberant nightlife- Montreal seems like a wish granting factory. The Notre-Dame Basilica built in 1820s is probably the most charming architecture in the city. The Old Montreal and Mount Royal (which is responsible for the name of the city) are some places which will make your heart plead for permanently settling in these neighborhoods. Montreal never disappoints, you just need to breath-in its essence in each of its mesmerizing elements.

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Currency in Montreal

The official currency used in Montreal is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). It is advised to have a word with your bank prior to your trip regarding the transaction fees and other policies.

Exchanging Money in Montreal

Currency exchange is an easy process through banks and exchange bureaus. Although you'd definitely get a better rate if you use an ATM to withdraw Canadian Dollars.

Daily Budget for Montreal

A budget traveler would probably spend about CAD 50 in a day for food, water, drink, tips and entertainment. Travelers with medium budget would be able to manage in an amount around CAD 95; while a luxury travel would cost CAD 200 or more.

Religion of Montreal

Christianity is the major religion followed in Montreal.

Montreal Customs

People in Montreal are reserved and polite. Greet them with a firm handshake, making eye contact. French customs are followed and expected to be respected by the tourists. The tipping etiquette directs a 15% tip to the waiter as a mandatory custom.

Language of Montreal

People in Montreal predominantly speak French. Although there are some residents who also manage to speak English, it would be better if you take along a French phrasebook along with you to the city.

History of Montreal

The earliest settlement in Montreal dates back to about 8,000 years, when St. Lawrence Iroquoians inhabited the land. In 1535, European Jacques Cartier first found the area suring the Age of Exploration. The land came under the control of French after the mission 'Ville Marie' in 1642, which was surrendered to the British in 1760. The British invasion prospered the fur trading in the city. Montreal officially became a city in 1832. After facing the Great Depression in Canada and World War II, Montreal became a city of skyscrapers with a newly established metro system.

Nightlife in Montreal

Montreal never disappoints visitors seeking an enthralling nightlife. You can grab a craft beer at Dieu du Ciel; pick a groovy jazz bar like Upstairs; get hilariously high at a comedy club (our pick: The Comedy Nest); or choose from many of the bouncing night clubs in the city to dance and drink.

Shopping in Montreal

St. Laurent is a prime shopping street in Montreal, where you can find various clusters of shops selling everything from groceries to electronics. Montreal has some interesting malls, trendy boutiques and antique shops, offering great shopping experiences for varied price ranges.

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FAQs on Montreal

What is the best time to visit Montreal?

Spring season (March to May) in Montreal brings a pleasant weather (although a little chilly) to visit in. Summers have great temperatures for walking around, but you'd likely be among heavy tourist crowds. Fall (Spetember to Novermber) turns the city into a colorful landscape, and you can easily get great deals if you book a hotel in advance. Winters are harsh and snowy; but still popular due to various winter sport activities, and not to forget- the Underground city.
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What is the local food in Montreal?

Montreal is a mecca for food lovers with a wide variety of culinary options. Poutine and smoked meat are the two iconic dishes of the city. Poutine is a unique plate of French Fries with gravy and white cheddar cheese; the best of which can be found at La Banquise. The famous smoked meat must be tried atleast once at Schwartz's smoke meat restaurant.
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What is the best way to reach Montreal?

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport is the airport in the city situated 20 km west of the city centre. Trains can be taken from Gare Centrale (Montreal Central Station), while you can catch the buses at Station Centrale d'autobus.
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What are the top hotels in Montreal?

There are 882 in Montreal which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Montreal are Le Laurier Cottage by HomeInMontreal, Le 2662 Charlemagne, BnbEra - The Rock Apartment, Le St-Denis - One-Bedroom apartment in the heart of the Plateau, PENTHOUSE PLATEAU/MILE-END MONTREAL, Montreal Mile-End Apartment #301 by Plateau Prime Suite. You can see all the hotels in Montreal here

What are the places near Montreal?

The top places near to Montreal are Quebec city which is 233 km from Montreal, Toronto which is located 504 km from Montreal, New york city which is located 533 km from Montreal, London which is located 5222 km from Montreal, Dubai which is located 10610 km from Montreal

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