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"A City of Dreams and Disasters"

Mexico City Tourism

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City is one of the most populous cities in the world. With blends of contemporary and historical assets, this megalopolis has a lot to offer to its visitors. Critical aspersions deviate some people from peeking into the life of Mexico City, but that shouldn't be an excuse to miss out on this beholder of architectural and historic wonders.

Mexico City is the epicentre of energy and heritage in the country. Holding more 20 million people on its land, it has got everything it takes to be a megalopolis. From skyscrapers to heavy traffics, full-fledged local transport system to downtown bustles - Mexico City has it all, also making way for pollution and criminal blunders. But that's just a facade you've seen, a book you're trying to judge by its cover. If you stay careful and watch for your safety, things get pretty nice here. Mexico City has seen good and bad times, and it has managed to escape from the havocs of conquests, earthquakes and atrocities. There are innumerable historic sites to explore, amazing arts to appreciate, mouth-watering Mexican dishes to taste, and an extravagant nightlife to pour in the real magic of Mexico City. There are a number of day excursions you can take when you feel suffocated from the hustles and chaos, and indulge in the majesty Mexico has to offer you.

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Currency in Mexico City

Although US Dollars are accepted in most of the places, it is always better and less expensive to pay in Pesos. MasterCard and VISA credit cards are widely accepted, but have a word with your bank in advance about the charges and other important information. Keep some change ready with you all the time.

Shopping in Mexico City

Mercado de Curiosidades (antiques market), Mercado de la Ciudadela (the city market), and El Bazaar Sabado (weekly market on Saturdays) are prominent markets for buying handicrafts and souvenirs. You can get at a good price if you haggle smartly. There are a number of malls in the entire city, and also some flea and antique markets such as Mercado de Alvaro Obregon, Mercado de Antiguedades de Cuauhtemoc and Plaza del Angel. Bargaining would help you save some Pesos.

Nightlife in Mexico City

Mexico City has an exuberant nightlife. Plentiful of bars, night clubs, pubs, strip clubs and gay bars are spread across the city. The main nightlife areas are Zona Rosa, Condesa and Mazaryk street in Polanco area. You can also go for a traditional cantina bar where when you buy Mexican/foreign drinks, complementary food is served for free.

History of Mexico City

Today known as Mexico City, Tenochtitlˆn was the capital of Aztecs, founded in 1325. The city (island) stood in the middle of a lake which was drained and filled by the Spanish conquerors following the development of a new and expanded city. The Spanish strategically destroyed every trace of Aztec culture possible, built churches over Aztec temples and forced Christianity upon people. Regular earthquakes and epidemics adversely affected the total population in the city, which only happened to get covered during 1871 - 1911 when the dictator Porfirio DÍaz started a building programme leading to expanded options of public transport and a progressive modern city. Mexico City now is known as one the most populous urban areas in the world, with a whopping population of more that 20 million people and some serious crime and pollution issues.

Language of Mexico City

Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country. You must learn some basics of Spanish language before leaving for Mexico City, because not a lot of people might know English here. Making efforts to converse in Spanish with locals might prove very helpful to you in this bustling city.

Mexico City Customs

Mexico City is not just a tourist destination but also a big megapolis city, so roaming around in shorts and sandals might not be a great decision. Greeting a Mexican with a firm handshake is seen as a polite gesture. Tipping is mandatory here, ranging from 10 to 15 percent, depending upon the service you receive.

Religion of Mexico City

Roman Catholicism is followed by 82.7% of the population in Mexico, rest of the people are either Protestants or Evangelicals.

Daily Budget for Mexico City

Budget travellers can make it to Mexico City with up to MXN 150 for a day, opting for fixed price meals (comida corrida) and smart conveyance choices. Costs for higher budgets range from MXN 250 - 400, and anything beyond that for top-end preferences.

Exchanging Money in Mexico City

Casas de Cambio on the airport would give you a great deal to change your currency. Also there are a lot of ATMs in the city from where you can buy Pesos at probably the best rates.

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How to Reach Mexico City

How to Reach Overview

Benito Juˆrez International Airport serves as the main gateway to Mexico.

How to reach Mexico City by flight

The international airport in Mexico City is connected to most of the U.S. Airlines. The other option is to land at Adolfo L„pez Mateos International Airport in Toluca, and then take a bus/taxi to Mexico City (This would help you save some money on your tickets).

How to reach Mexico City by road

You can hire a taxi for visiting nearby cities, but that would cost you heavily. Renting a car and driving it on your own might not be a really good idea.

How to reach Mexico City by bus

Buses are the best and cheapest option to reach cities around Mexico City. Various bus companies offer services to traverse to nearby cities.

Local transport in Mexico City

Metros are commonly used to travel in the city. Some other options to get around the city include metro buses (wheelchair accessible), micro buses (Peseros), trolley buses, taxis, and rented cars/motorbikes/bicycles.

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Mexico City, Mexico

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FAQs on Mexico City

What is the best time to visit Mexico city?

Although the city is good-to-go all year round, the spring season (March to May) makes for the best time to head to Mexico City, when you can get hotels at relatively cheaper rates, lesser crowds and an ideal weather. Due to holiday season in USA, July and August are peak months, contributing to hiked prices and collective packs of tourists in the city.
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What are the places near Mexico city?

The top places near to Mexico city are Playa del carmen which is 1266 km from Mexico city, London which is located 8931 km from Mexico city, Dubai which is located 14336 km from Mexico city, Amsterdam which is located 9218 km from Mexico city, New york city which is located 3360 km from Mexico city

What are the top hotels in Mexico city?

There are 1620 in Mexico city which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Mexico city are Easeful Home, Lamartine 619 Residencial, Close to AlamedaCentral, 1BR: Latinoamerican Tower, 3BR Apt close to ZonaRosa, 1BR: Plaza SantoDomingo. You can see all the hotels in Mexico city here

What is the best way to reach Mexico city?

Benito Juˆrez International Airport serves as the main gateway to Mexico.
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What is the local food in Mexico city?

Mexico is known for its lip-smacking food all over the world. A large section of Mexican food revolves around masa (fine corn flour dough) and a huge variety of fillings ranging from vegetables, cactus and cheese to eggs, pork, sea food and chicken. Although there are plenty of restaurants and cafes around the city, unending food stalls along the streets of Mexico City offer everything you'd desire about Mexican food- Tortillas, Tamales, Tacos (the variant Tacos al pastor is a must try), Chilaquiles, Elote, Tlacoyos, Burritos, Carnitas, and oh! What not?
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