Food of Railay (Rai Leh)

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Country rank: 2 out of 32 Places To Visit In Thailand

Sub-Region: Krabi Province


Railay has many eateries and resort restaurants in both, Railay East and West. West has more expensive choices like Flame Tree which is the most popular. If you're on a budget, the stalls around Railay East and the walking street of Railay West should do the work. These stalls sell some delicious chicken skewers, kebabs and rotis. Other inexpensive restaurants in Railay East are Mom's Kitchen and Phra Nnag Cuisine.

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Local dishes of Railay (Rai Leh)
Local dishes of Railay (Rai Leh)

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Railay (Rai Leh)

There are no specific vegan restaurants in Railay. The resort restaurants will serve a few vegetarian options, and a few will prepare vegan food on request too.

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