What is the best time to visit Nahan?

Considered famous for trekking and still unexploited by commercialism, Nahan can be visited throughout the year. The summers are warm and pleasant while the winters are cold and freezing but each season adds a different facet to the real beauty of the location. The transitional seasons of autumn and spring are also a delight and the most preferred seasons for activities like trekking and exploring the town. Of course, appropriate clothing is always recommended as per the season for the visiting tourists as the peak season could get extremely chilly or hot. 

Weather in Nahan


Upcoming Nahan Weather

Monthly Weather in Nahan

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 15°/ 7° 10 days
February 19°/ 9° 3 days
March 21°/ 12° 9 days
April 28°/ 17° 7 days
May 35°/ 20° 3 days
June 37°/ 23° 3 days
July 29°/ 23° 25 days
August 28°/ 22° 23 days
September 27°/ 21° 25 days
October 27°/ 17° 1 days
November 24°/ 14° 3 days
December 17°/ 8° 2 days

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Nahan in Summer (March - June)

The season is considered to be the hottest season in Nahan with the maximum temperature hovering around 36°C and the minimum around 21°C. May and June are the hottest months in the region and not quite recommended for tourism as the peak hour temperatures get soaring high. The hill station, however, has scenic terrain and attractions nearby that can be explored in the pleasant hours of the day. If one picks the initial time of the season, one can visit the Suketi Fossil Park, Simbalwada Wildlife Sanctuary, Renuka Lake, Renuka Wildlife Park, Dhaula Kuan, Rani Tal etc. The lake waters dry up in the peak season and, therefore, are not recommended to tourists. Many may also wish to visit the town for the fairs and festivals with great enthusiasm. March brings Shivratri, Holi and Chait while Baisakhi, celebrated in April also draws loads of visitors to Nahan. These are important festivals of the region and can be witnessed in all its authenticity while exploring Nahan during this time of the year.
Rani Tal Shiv Temple
Rani Tal Shiv Temple

Nahan in Monsoon (July - September)

The onset of the mesmerising Nahan monsoons is also quite a preferred season for tourists. Monsoons begin in July and go on till September. The peak monsoon season (August - September) are not recommended to all; however, it can be an exciting time for off-beat travellers. This time around is considered off-season hence you can plan a low budget trip, but be aware that the region receives an annual average rainfall of 2175 mm and it gets extremely humid and wet. The transitional season of Autumn is short and lasts between October and November. These months are perfect for adventure activities like trekking, hiking etc. Some important festivals are also celebrated during the season like the Bawan Dwadashi Festival which is celebrated in September. One can get to witness a grand procession of Indian Gods wherein about 50 idols of Gods and Goddesses are taken out till the Jagannath Temple, creating a colourful and highly religious atmosphere in the town.
Rani Tal Nahan
Rani Tal Nahan

Nahan in Winter (October - February)

With occasional snowfalls, the Nahan winters are quite a crowd puller. The season is a favourite time among tourists, especially those coming from high or moderate temperature zones. The peak winter season is from December to February, and the maximum temperature stays around 21°C, with the minimum 5°C. Tourists need to ensure they pack necessary woollens and cold creams because they are in for a chilling treat when they plan a visit during this time of the year. Since the town is not as commercialised, this season may not be the ultimate holiday destination for party animals. But its exclusivity and scenic beauty amidst the Siwalik Hills are sure to rejuvenate tourists in a completely unexpected way. There are markets (Nahan Bada Bazaar) where one can shop the traditional handicraft or visit the Sirmouri Tal, the Trilokpur Temple, Jagannath Temple, Jaitak Forts, lake and wildlife sanctuaries etc. There is plenty to explore and experience in the picturesque little town of Nahan in Himachal Pradesh for those who wish to explore.
Village Dada Khelu
Village Dada Khelu

Events in Nahan

Navratri Fair

9th October - 18th October

Navratri is a 9 day festival associated with the Goddess Durga, which ends with the celebration of Dussehra. In Himachal, great fairs are organized, merging spirituality with fun activities, which can (Read More) be enjoyed with everyone.

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Nahan, Himachal Pradesh
Suketi Fossil Park
Churdhar Peak
Renuka Lake

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