Bimmah Sinkhole


Time Required: 2-3 hours


8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Entry Fee:

No entry fee

Bimmah Sinkhole, Muscat Overview

A deep sinkhole called Bimmah Sinkhole, named imaginatively as Hawiyat Najm and filled with clear water is visible to the tourists visiting the ‘Muscat governorate’ of Oman. Situated between the towns of Bimmah & Ḑibāb, it is an amazing place for swimming and enjoying the beautiful landscape of the region. The local municipality has created the Hawiyat Najm Park that surrounds the Bimmah sinkhole as a form of protection. Visitors passing through the area often stop here for a few hours of respite from the scorching sun. The naturally formed lake is totally apt for taking a swim and hanging around idly watching the fishes while enjoying a picnic lunch or barbeque. The photographers are delighted to capture images of Bimmah Sinkhole and surrounding rocks along with the green palm trees that create a picture postcard like effect.

According to the local folklore, the Hawiyat Najm (Fallen Star), or Bimmah Sinkhole as it is more popularly known, was created by a meteor that crashed into the region thus forming the deep crater. The geologists, however, have a different explanation for its formation and hold the erosion of limestone rocks responsible for forming the Bimmah sinkhole. The rocks that collapsed went deep into the ground creating the crater like hole. Many believe that the crater is linked to the sea via an underground tunnel thus explaining the exquisite turquoise color of the water here.

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The crystal clear waters of Hawiyat Najm look inviting to the travel weary visitors who appear to be totally exhausted by the heat. While the experienced swimmers can dive deep into the cavern and enjoy the feeling of cool water caressing the skin, the ones who are feeling lazy are content to float around lazily, looking up at the rock formations that surround the Bimmah sinkhole. It is possible to descend down the steps straight into the water and go down to the limestone structure. The kids have a field day splattering in the shallow water while remaining on the steps. However, the weird feeling of tiny fishes nibbling at the feet is an added attraction here.

Hawiyat Najm Park is situated in the Dabab region of the Muscat Governorate and on the road that passes from Qurayat to Sur. Most tourists prefer to stop by on their way to Wadi Shab. The only way to visit the Bimmah sinkhole is to rent a car from Muscat or Sur. The duration of the travel is about 1.5 hours with Route 17 being the shortest way.

Daytime is deemed to be apt for visiting the location with most of the visitors arriving at the sinkhole during 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

1. It is advisable to carry drinking water and light snacks as there aren't many options nearby
2. Dressing in comfortable and light clothes is essential to wade off the heat.
3. Packing a swimsuit along with swimming accessories such as goggles and cap is necessary for individuals hoping to take a swim in the natural lake
4. It is forbidden to jump into the sinkhole from a height in order to ensure total safety

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