Muscat Festival 2024 - Experience the Omani Cultural Fiesta!

While we generally think of the Gulf region as everything about skyscrapers and five-star resorts, Oman remains as one of the treasured Arabian gems which can reconnect one with the diverse heritage and customs of a civilisation that dates back to hundreds and thousands of years. Oman is one of the most cultural and historic cities in Gulf and a paradise of extravagant festivals, of which, Muscat Festival is the most splendid one!
Muscat Festival
Traditional Omani Dance at Amerat

Muscat Festival 2024 - Dates & Venues

The Muscat festival takes place between January and ends in February. However, dates changes annually and an official website goes live every year to let everyone know about the date and other happenings of the Muscat Festival.
Dates: Starts from March 3rd 2024
Venue: Not announced yet

About the Muscat Festival

Muscat Festival
Staged performances during the Muscat Festival
Muscat is a charming city in Oman, and amidst the various must-visit attractions, magnificent landscapes, Muscat is famous for another thing – the annual Muscat Festival. Every year, Muscat sends invite to tourists and locals for experiencing the variety and diversity which provides every part of the Sultanate its very own flavour during the Muscat Festival, the most popular month-long event. The Muscat Festival is a unique chance to enjoy the real and traditional Omani music, eat some of the most delicious local cuisines, discover the best of Omani hospitality and interact with the natives.

Evolution of the Muscat Festival

The Muscat Festival began in 1998 and was intended to keep the local children entertained during their school vacations. 

Muscat Festival Today

Muscat Festival
Jewellery stalls at Naseem Park during Muscat Festival
Today, the Muscat festival lures everyone who aspires to experience the real Omani culture and history and have a good time with family or friends. The month-long programs in the festival range from sports, culture and customs, entertainment, fashion and much more.

Multilinguistic Muscat Festival

Muscat Festival
Decorations during the festival
The Muscat festival has become much more than just a celebratory and artistic event or only an entertainment forum. It has evolved as a space for experiencing several multilingual activities. People from all over the globe, from different nationalities and income brackets, visit the festival and come together to celebrate this special event to get entertained. It also allows performers and entertainers to perform in their language and show off their art and traditions.

The Highlight of the Festival

Muscat Festival
Fireworks during the Muscat Festival
The Muscat Festival is famous for fireworks.

Tourist Tips During the Muscat Festival

  • The best thing about the festival is that it is organised during January and February when the weather is perfect for staying outside during the day time. Hence, be prepared to have a good time under the sun.
  • Get involved in the great trade fairs, spectacular visual shows, and stage events and eat the delicious local foods.
  • If you are travelling with kids, make sure that you keep an eye on them. Every year, almost 100,000 people visit the festival, and the venue remains very crowded.
  • During the time of this festival, Muscat offers grand discounts and draws. Hence, you might like to buy some local stuff which will you get in a steal!
Muscat Festival
Lit up Qurum Gardens during Muscat Festival
The Muscat Festival is much more than open-air stage shows, local artefacts, delectable gourmet cuisines and fanfare. It is about the cultural splendour of Oman, which you must not miss if you like to visit new places and learn about new cultures. This year’s festival is over; however, there’s ample time to make your tickets for Oman for the Muscat Festival 2020. Keep an eye on their official website to learn about its exact dates and time and get indulged in the vibrant Omani culture and traditions.

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