What is the best time to visit Mayapur?

As one of the holiest cities, Mayapur greets a large number of devotees all year round; however, the best time to visit Mayapur is in the winters from November to February when the temperature is pleasant. Another favourite time to visit Mayapur among tourists are the monsoons when the early showers rejuvenate the surroundings. Summer season should ideally be avoided since the temperature may rise to 30 degrees making sightseeing unbearable.

Weather in Mayapur


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Monthly Weather in Mayapur

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 13° 2 days
February 28°/ 14° 0 days
March 33°/ 19° 7 days
April 35°/ 21° 14 days
May 38°/ 26° 10 days
June 36°/ 26° 16 days
July 33°/ 25° 24 days
August 32°/ 25° 26 days
September 31°/ 24° 21 days
October 31°/ 22° 11 days
November 30°/ 19° 2 days
December 26°/ 14° 1 days

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Mayapur in Summer (March - June)

As a tourist or devotee, this is one time you must avoid visiting Mayapur. Unless you wish to spend your entire vacation secluded in your hotel room, summer is certainly not a desirable season for visiting. The temperature is known to soar way past thirty degrees Celsius easily. It will be a test of endurance, both physical and mental, to carry on travelling in this weather. Hence, March to early June is best avoided going to the city of Mayapur. If you do intend to visit the Jagannath Snana Yatra that takes place in June, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and also pack light and airy clothing.
Samadhi Mandir, Mayapur

Mayapur in Monsoon (June - September)

The monsoon season in Mayapur begins around the middle of June and last till September. Many visitors throng to Mayapur in June when the Jagannath Snana Yatra takes place. This festival celebrates the birth of Lord Jagannath where idols are bathed in the river Ganga. The month of september also welcomes Janmashtami that's celebrated with immense alacrity and joy. However, if you hate crowds or a marshy/humid weather then heading to Mayapur in monsoon will be a bad idea.
Celebration of Janmashtami, Mayapur

Mayapur in Winter (October - February)

Winter falls in Mayapur between October and February. Although the days start getting colder towards the end of August, the best time to visit Mayapur is during the winter season. By November, the average temperature goes below 29-degree Celsius. November is also the season of festivals as the city temples get decked up with lights to celebrate Diwali. The idols of Lord Ram and Sita are dressed in winsome garbs, and the procession is taken out around the vicinity of the temple. The sounds of Kirtan accompanies the parade as the whole city lights up with fireworks. The festival of Gaura Purnima only adds to the complete experience. Arguably the most significant festival to be celebrated in the city, Gaura Purnima starts in February and lasts till March, spanning almost an entire month. This is a peak season for tourism, so you better book your tickets in advance.
Gaura Purnima, Mayapur

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