What is the best time to visit Bardhaman?

Surprisingly, Bardhaman doesn't see very harsh temperatures in any part of the year. The summers are warm, and winters are cool. However, the temperature never gets unbearable. The worst in summers is well below 35 degrees Celcius and the lowest in winters is never below 10 degrees Celcius. Still, it being a holiday, you should get to experience the best weather. Hence, the ideal time is from November to March, excluding January and February.

Weather in Bardhaman


Upcoming Bardhaman Weather

Monthly Weather in Bardhaman

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 13 26
February 18 30
March 22 32
April 26 36
May 26 36
June 27 36
July 27 32
August 27 32
September 27 33
October 25 33
November 19 29
December 15 27

Bardhaman in Winter (October - February)

This is an ideal season for a visit to Bardhaman, with pleasant climate and a lovely ambience waiting for your arrival. October onwards, the area turns lively and beautiful owing to the beautiful atmosphere, thus inviting sizeable crowds to this place. The temperature during this time ranges from 5 to 21 degrees Celcius.

Bardhaman in Monsoon (July - September)

This is not exactly a good time to visit Bardhaman, owing to the heavy rainfall, although the cool breeze and pleasant climate allure some visitors in this offseason. This is though, the best time available for the budget travellers, who can expect great concessions in this season. If travelling during this season, carry light cotton clothes with you.

Bardhaman in Summer (March - June)

Summers are hot in Bardhaman and generally avoided by the tourists. The temperature during this time ranges 34 to 43 degrees Celcius.

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