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"The land of terracotta temples"

Bishnupur Tourism

A small town in West Bengal famous for its terracota temples, Bishnupur is famous among tourists, especially for its rich culture including architecture, music and handicraft.

Bishnupur is a town with a rich heritage and a present as rich in culture, art and architecture. Its heritage and an ornamented culture transcends into multiple attractions for the tourists, which can be witnessed in the area's soft corner for classical music, paintings or while you take home a Baluchari sari. The temples that the area is known for include Jorbangla temple, Rasmancha temple, Shyamrai Temple and many more. These find immense grandeur in their identity as carriers of significant histories as well as architectural marvels.

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Bishnupuri Sarees

Bishnupur's name holds spiritual significance, as it derives its name from the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu, Bishnupur is filled with the aura of serenity and chastity due to the presence of countless temples that offer a great spiritual retreat, and colossal buildings reflect the heritage of our country. It offers a secluded world away from the busy life and crowded roads of the city. Besides its architectural marvels, there is one thing that attracts people from all the corners of the world. That's the Baluchari saree of Bishnupur which has developed a brand of its own.

Bishnupur is known for producing these silk sarees which are not only beautiful but are manufactured with high fabric. Some great mythical stories are designed on the sarees with extreme precision and skills. Within one week, the talented artists complete the production of one Baluchari saree, and it comes in the market of Bishnupur to be sold at affordable prices. Despite the fact that the Baluchari sarees are in huge demand, you can still buy a lot of sarees at some pocket-friendly rates, and that's what makes Bishnupur a great place for shopaholics.

Suggested Itinerary for Bishnupur

Day 1- Reach Bishnupur and get freshened up. Start with the infamous Jorbangla Temple. Then head towards the Gate of Old Fort which is quite near the temple. Continue your spiritual journey by heading towards Shyam Rai temple and get the blessings of the Lord. Head back to your hotel and nourish yourself with delectable cuisine.
Day 2- Wake up early and get your breakfast fix. Go to Radha Govinda Temple to get the blessings of the beautiful pair of Radha and Krishna. After that, go to Madan Mohan temple and chant the lord's name inside the temple. Then it's time to explore the architectural marvel of Rasmancha. After that, head towards Dalmadal Kaman Canon. You can also hire a guide at a good price who can tell you more regarding the history of the canon and other places of Bishnupur. 
Day 3- The Susunia Hills are at a proximity from Bishnupur. Trek to the top of the hills and get a gorgeous view of the lush green area that engulfs the hills and the scenic views that surround you. When you come back, head towards the local market of Bishnupur for buying souvenirs. You can get handcrafted items at a reasonable price. Buy a beautiful silk Baluchari saree which is a speciality of Bishnupur. After strolling through the market, go back to your room and prepare to bid farewell to Bishnupur the next day.

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How to Reach Bishnupur

How to Reach Overview

Bishnupur is well connected through airways and roadways. The closest airport to Bishnupur is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport which is at a distance of 121 km. Regular trains from Howrah to Bishnupur are available. Panagarh is the closest bus stand to Bishnupur and is situated at a distance of 46 km.

How to reach Bishnupur by flight

Bishnupur doesn't have an airport of its own. Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport is situated in Kolkata, and it's at a distance of 121 km from Bishnupur. You can either hire a taxi from the airport or go to Howrah and get a train to Bishnupur.

How to reach Bishnupur by road

You can drive to Bishnupur on your own. Besides that, you have the option of taking a bus to Bishnupur. Local buses run in Kolkata, and the nearest bus stand to Bishnupur is in Panagarh which is 46 km away. An alternative option is available, as you can deboard at Durgapur Bus stand which is 48 km away from Bishnupur. You have to hire a taxi from these bus stands to reach to the city of Bishnupur.

How to reach Bishnupur by train

Bishnupur is well connected through the railways, as trains from Howrah to Bishnupur leave the stations on a regular basis. The shortest route that these trains cover to reach Bishnupur is approximately 136 km.

Local transport in Bishnupur

As this is a small town, you can easily walk around Bishnupur.

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Bishnupur, West Bengal

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FAQs on Bishnupur

What is famous about Bishnupur?

Gorgeous terracotta temples which boast of their ancient architectural style. Rich in Indian heritage and culture. Availability of finely handcrafted products. Cheap Baluchari sarees which are a speciality of Bishnupur.

What is not so good about Bishnupur?

While travelling from Howrah to Bishnupur on private vehicles, you can encounter bad roads.

Who should visit Bishnupur?

It's a captivating place for those who want to get acquainted with the architectural style of West Bengal. Due to the presence of numerous temples, it can appeal to religious people as well. It is a haven for shoppers due to the availability of affordable ornaments and clothes.

What is the best time to visit Bishnupur?

Bishnupur is open to the visitors during all the months. However, the best time to visit Bishnupur is the winters. During the cold season, the weather is pleasant, and you will enjoy your stay here. During the summers, the weather can be scorching hot, and it can get difficult to stay hydrated and visit every temple. During the monsoon season, the presence of humidity in the air can turn your experience disastrous.
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What is the local food in Bishnupur?

Bishnupur is famous for its local sweet Mecha Sandesh, Pera and Posto-r Bora that you must savor, while in town. Other than this one can relish the delicious Chicken chops and Pakodas made from potato, onion, brinjal etc. Among drinks, Mahua is a local drink which is popular and widespread. There are no fancy restaurants here, but there are a number of eating joints which would serve you decent North Indian and Bengali food. Most of the hotels also have their own eateries and provide good food and even hard drinks are available.
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What is the best way to reach Bishnupur?

Bishnupur is well connected through airways and roadways. The closest airport to Bishnupur is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport which is at a distance of 121 km. Regular trains from Howrah to Bishnupur are available. Panagarh is the closest bus stand to Bishnupur and is situated at a distance of 46 km.
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What are the things to do in Bishnupur?

The top things to do in Bishnupur are Rasmancha, Lalji Temple, Susunia Hill, Jorebangla Temple, Mukutmonipur, Madan Mohan Temple. You can see all the places to visit in Bishnupur here

What are the places near Bishnupur?

The top places near to Bishnupur are Bankura which is 32 km from Bishnupur, Santiniketan which is located 76 km from Bishnupur, Kolkata which is located 120 km from Bishnupur, Bardhaman which is located 57 km from Bishnupur, Mukutmanipur which is located 55 km from Bishnupur

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Q. How much extra money should I carry if I want to shop for sarees in Bishnupur?

Pallavi Siddhanta

5 years ago
Saree shopping in Bishnupur is pretty cheap considering that the cost of labour in Bengal is really low. You should be able to find nice Baluchari Silk sarees for as low as Rs.3000. Bengal Tant and o (Read More)ther cotton and handloom weaves are available for even lesser than that. So carry cash according to your shopping needs.
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I traveled Bishnupur by bike for vloging. It was grate experience. there peoples are very helpful. they always advice you the best. there are lots of hotel, use and pay toilet, and also good restaura (Read More)nt.
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