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Mayapur Tourism

Standing at the junction of river Ganga and Jalangi, Mayapur is a laidback city with lovely views and plenty of temples, making it ideal for multitudes of team.

Mayapur is a popular Vaishnavite pilgrim centre founded by Bhakti saint Vinod Thakur. It is believed that Lord Krishna's incarnate Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was born here in 1486 AD. Mayapur is famous for Chandrodaya Temple (first temple established by ISKCON in Mayapur), Samadhi of Prabhupada (temple dedicated to the founder of ISKCON), Shree Chaitanyamath (the birth place of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu), Goswami Maharaj Temple of Dashavatar and Chand Kazi's Samadhi. Located on the banks of confluence of Hooghly river and Jalangi, Mayapur is a religious centre and one of the nine dhams of the 9 holy islands. The 9 islands together looks like an eight-petaled lotus flower and are called Navadwipa which was earlier capital of Bengal. The islands are centered on Antardvipa (Mayapur) and are a part of Mayapur Township. Navadvipa is a famous temple town with about 185 temples. It is a place where all beliefs, Shaiva, Vaishnava and Buddhist converge and exist in harmony.

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Spiritual Capital of the World

Situated on the banks of the mighty Ganges, Mayapur is considered a very sacred place by Hindus. The land is filled with myths and legends. There are numerous temples built in Mayapur and they attract a large number of devotees every day. Mayapur gives you an exposure to the religious beliefs of the people living in that part of the country.

The infamous ISKCON temple is built there. The temple also runs its private bus service for the devotees. There are many other places like Yoga Peeth, Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math and Sri Chaitanya Math which holds spiritual significance among people due to their strong historical bonds with some of the greatest religious figures.

Suggested Itinerary for Mayapur

Day 1- Reach Mayapur and get freshened up. Check into your hotel and rest there. Begin your spiritual retreat in the sacred city of Mayapur with ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple. Then go to Yoga Peeth where Chaitanya Mahaprabhu took birth.
Day 2- Visit the samadhi of Chand Kazi. It is well-maintained and open for tourists. Then, go to the beautiful temple of Sri Chaitanya Math which is 8 km away from Mayapur.
Day 3- Go to the sacred temple of Sri Devananda Gaudiya Math. It is 11 km away from Mayapur. Understand the spirituality of Mayapur and why it's considered sacred. Shop for souvenirs in the local market and bid farewell to Mayapur.

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Mayapur, West Bengal
ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple
Chand Kazi's Samadhi

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FAQs on Mayapur

What is famous about Mayapur?

A gorgeous city with religious significance. Well-connected to Kolkata and other major cities of Delhi. Perfect place for spiritual experiences. Different from other cities of West Bengal.

What is not so good about Mayapur?

Can be a cultural shock for people coming from different regions. Not many places are present in Mayapur for local sightseeing. People with no inclination towards religion or spirituality might find this place unstimulating.

Who should visit Mayapur?

Mayapur is perfect for those people who want to understand the religious and spiritual sentiments of people belonging to Mayapur. If you like to explore different regions of India and learn about the cultural difference, Mayapur is the right place for you.

What is the best time to visit Mayapur?

As one of the holiest cities, Mayapur greets a large number of devotees all year round; however, the best time to visit Mayapur is in the winters from November to February when the temperature is pleasant. Another favourite time to visit Mayapur among tourists are the monsoons when the early showers rejuvenate the surroundings. Summer season should ideally be avoided since the temperature may rise to 30 degrees making sightseeing unbearable.
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What is the local food in Mayapur?

There is an eating joint located inside the temple complex which serves very hygienic and reasonably priced food. It mostly serves snacks throughout the day and it also serves vegetarian Thali during lunch and dinner. Other than this you can also relish simple, local Bengali cuisine as well as popular items of international cuisine in the area.
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What is the best way to reach Mayapur?

Mayapur has a well-maintained system of roadways. The city is connected with different parts of West Bengal. The nearest airport to Mayapur is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Trains from Howrah Junction pass through Nabadwip Dham. From Nabadwip Dham, you can take a taxi to reach Mayapur. Taxi and bus services are also available to reach Mayapur.

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What are the places near Mayapur?

The top places near to Mayapur are Nabadwip which is 10 km from Mayapur, Kolkata which is located 99 km from Mayapur, Chandannagar which is located 66 km from Mayapur, Bardhaman which is located 65 km from Mayapur, Santiniketan which is located 82 km from Mayapur

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Debarpan Roy

3 years ago
It is a holy place which kills harming sense in our mind. It serves to make our mind relaxed and energetic and also playfull. It is one of the must visit place in West Bengal.

Bipãshâ Chakraborty

6 years ago
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