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"Study centre and Art paradise"

Utrecht Tourism

Utrecht is the religious centre of the Netherlands. It is home to the Utrecht University and also many art museums giving it a very cool hipster vibe alongside its ancient religious background. One of the most diverse places in the Netherlands, Utrecht is fast becoming a top list in every traveller's itinerary.

Known as student capital, Utrecht is home to many cheap places to eat, drink and party making it popular fast with the tourists arriving in the Netherlands. Various festivals are organised in the city as well throughout the year. People flock here for the bars, for the open markets and the amazing young ambience. Art buffs and architecture buffs find this to suit their taste too. Needless to say there is something for everyone in this city if you spend enough time here.

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Currency in Utrecht

ATMs and Banks are easily accessible at every market and street corner in Utrecht. Being an international hub home to many students, money withdrawal is easy.

Exchanging Money in Utrecht

You can get your currency exchanged at the airport or various exchange boothsin the city. Rates are more or less the same across different providers.

Daily Budget for Utrecht

If you walk around and eat at food stalls, a stay in Utrecht will not cost you more than 80-100 EUR daily. There are a lot of free attractions around the city too, you can savour those if you wish to cut down your budget further.

Religion of Utrecht

Christianity is the major religion of Utrecht.

Utrecht Customs

The Dutch are very punctual. Take care when organising even an informal meeting with friends. More than five minutes late shows disrespect for the other person's time. It is customary to greet people with a handshake and three kisses on the cheek among close friends and family members. There are no specifications as such with regards to clothes but do take care to not wear anything too revealing when at a place of religious significance.

Language of Utrecht

Dutch is the official language spoken in Utrecht. Finding English speakers may not be as difficult as in other cities due to the active student community here. Local vendors may not speak english and carryign a dictionary is a good idea.

History of Utrecht

Utrecht is a city as old as Rome itself. Built aronud 50 CE, ruins from that era still stand tall in the city even today. Arrival of German, English and Irish invaders adn missionaries gave the city its unique religious and religious flavour that it currently holds as well. Home to the Utrecht born pope, the city has a massive influence in matters of Christianity and religious influence throughout the country.

Nightlife in Utrecht

Neude, Janskerkhof, Mariaplaats and Ledig Erf are the places people go to when they need to grab a drink and enjoy good company.Some of the popular places are Wijncaf_ Lefebvre, Filemon & Baucis, Stairway to Heaven and Theatercaf_ De Bastaard. People go for bar crawls and parties go on till late hours. You will not be derived of company as college students will always be around. If you prefer a quieter setup then go for the open terrace bars at the Oudegracht.

Shopping in Utrecht

Oudegracht, Vredeburg and Neude are the shopping centers of the city.You can get normal souvernirs, small jewellery items and local food from stalls at the markets. For the sci-fi fans out there the place to be is Oudegracht (Old Canal) south of De Dom. You can get anything from books to board games to card games, costumes and comics.

Best Time to Visit Utrecht

How to Reach Utrecht

How to Reach Overview

You can reach Utrecht easily by train, car, bus or tram. Utrecht does not have an airport so you can't fly directly to the city.

How to reach Utrecht by flight

The nearest airport to Utrecht is at Eindhoven. People generally fly there and then take a train to get to Utrecht.

How to reach Utrecht by road

Car rentals are a good option for those willing to experience a long drive at their own pace and comfort. You can pay for parking at fixed rates at one of the many public parking spaces in the city.

How to reach Utrecht by train

Utrecht Central Stationhas daily night trains connecting Utrecht with other international cities like Berlin, Prague and Copenhagen. Domestic trains run frequently and are well connected with other major cities in the country.

How to reach Utrecht by bus

Buses may take longer than trains but it is another option for you in case you wish to avail it. The bus station is right next to the train station. Busstation CS Centrumzijde is where all buses coming to and going from the city stop by.

Local transport in Utrecht

Walking or cycling is the best and cheapest way to see Utrecht. Everything is within walking distance of the city centre. If you plan on taking the train, bus or tram get the OV Chipcard to get cheaper prices and avoid queues.

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FAQs on Utrecht

What is the best time to visit Utrecht?

Spring is the best time to visit Utrecht. The flowers are in full bloom, the air is fresh and everyone is out soaking the sun after a long winter. This time is ideal if you're looking to save money by walking around town in pleasant weather and sample some of the best organic fruits and veggies that Utrecht has to offer at its local markets.
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What is the local food in Utrecht?

Be sure to try typical Dutch items like Prauwels, Vijfschaft, Hernhuttertjes and the Janhagel. If you dont' speak dutch you may have a difficult time asking if something is vegetarian or not. It is best to have a local around with you or ask at your hostel or hotel about how to find pure vegetarian places. Food in Utrecht, like the rest of Netherlands revolves a lot around meat and breads. Indonesian food is really popular with the locals as well.
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What is the best way to reach Utrecht?

You can reach Utrecht easily by train, car, bus or tram. Utrecht does not have an airport so you can't fly directly to the city.
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What are the places near Utrecht?

The top places near to Utrecht are Amsterdam which is 34 km from Utrecht, Rotterdam which is located 53 km from Utrecht, The hague which is located 61 km from Utrecht, Eindhoven which is located 77 km from Utrecht, Delft which is located 58 km from Utrecht

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