What is the best time to visit England?

The best time to visit England is during the summer months - June to August. July and August among these months are considered to be the peak season for visiting England. The beaches are full during this time of the year, and it's one of the best times to visit the Thames. Hiking and cycling are among the other activities which are popular among tourists.

Spring and Autumn is the shoulder season in England where April and May are considered the best time to visit. Outdoor activities are famous as the average temperature doesn't rise above 11-degree Celsius. The Spring months are excellent to visit flower shows across the country. Autumn lasts from September to November as England faces cloud covers often, but during the Sunny weather, one can go cycling and hiking. Since this is a shoulder season, England is less touristy and comparatively cheaper. December to February are the coldest months of the year, making it an off-season. The weather is mostly damp due to the drizzle, which makes outdoor activities challenging. It is an excellent time for budget travellers who are looking for cheap accommodations. It might rain occasionally; hence, it's always advised to carry an umbrella.

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Seasons of England

Peak Season
Peak Season in England is mainly during the summer months of July and August. This is the time when the accommodations are pretty expensive and you will need to book it before time. Summer is actually a great time in England when the days are bright and you have the opportunity to go sightseeing. It is also a great time when you can enjoy hiking and biking. The average high temperature in summer is about 23 degrees Celsius. This is the best time to visit England for those people who want to have a great time on the beaches.

Shoulder Season
Shoulder season in England is present during Spring as well as during Autumn. Spring is present from March to May and Autumn is present from September to November. These are the times when the huge tourist crowd has been tamed down and it is the perfect time for people who really want to experience England. Spring brings new blossoms to the country, whereas Autumn is known for its foliage. The weather is quite pleasant, but Autumn can have grey days. Autumn is a great time when people can participate in hikes all over the country. The accommodations and services are definitely cheaper than the summer months. September is also great for beachgoers. The average high temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius.

The off-season is a time when tourists do not like to visit a place. For England, the off-season is during the winter days when the country turns damp due to the rain and snow. It is the worst time to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing in England. But if someone wants to visit a nearly empty England, then they are free to do so from December to February. Hotels are pretty cheap, but they should note that some places do remain closed at this time. The temperature varies from 8 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius. January is the coldest month and it may run up to 19 days. So, do carry your raincoats and umbrellas.

Regions of England

London and the Southeast
London has to be one of the best-known regions of England and one that is frequently visited by tourists. You will be able to find lots of people in London even during the off-season. The spring months of March to May can be the best time to visit London as the weather is pleasant and you get to see the beautiful rhododendrons in London.  It is a great time for a picnic at the parks or for walking through them as they look beautiful. The summer tends to get overcrowded in the city. During the winter months of December and January, several people visit London to be a part of the festivities. But this is the time when it rains a lot in London, so one needs to keep an umbrella with them. Do note that hotel prices in London are always on the higher side. The Southeast region which surrounds London receives similar weather and situation during this time. Spring is actually a great time to go through the cities of Oxford, Hertfordshire and Surrey which look extremely beautiful and the clear days also lets you enjoy the sight seen.

The Lake District and the North-West

The Lake District has been loved by many. You will see that most of the tourists tend to visit the place is during the months of June to August when the weather is clear and sunny. People who want to beat the crowd may choose to visit during the months of March and May or even in September and October. Both Spring and Autumn add spectacular colours to the land of lakes and forests. The region is actually great for hikers and trekkers because of the numerous trails present over there. People should avoid the winter months as it is generally snow covered and they will miss out on the natural beauty. Key places present in the Northwest to get a similar climate and so, spring and summer become the ideal time to make a visit.

Southwest England
Southwest of England is the beautiful part where you find cities like Bristol, Bath and Cornwall. The south-west is known to heaven for the beach goers so they would definitely like a sunny day. July and August are considered to be the warmest for this part of England. But people who want to beat the crowd and visit during when the tourists have thinned can look forward to visiting the South West in June and September. The sunny days will allow you to explore Bath, Cotswolds, Somerset and other cities which are known for their beauty. Do carry an umbrella as it may rain during the summer months.

Central England and the Midlands
Spring is a great time to explore Central England and the Midlands when it is beautiful and there is less crowd. Summer is definitely the peak season when people visit during the warm weather and the bright sunny days, July being one of the hottest months. Autumn is also a good time to explore the place because the weather remains pleasant. Visitors coming in Autumn can view the distinct colourful foliage of the place. But everyone should carry an umbrella due to the unpredictable rains. If you visit during the Spring and Autumn or even during the peak season of Summer, do not forget to indulge in activities such as hiking or biking. You need to visit the Peak district if you like to climb the peaks. This part of England is extremely beautiful and mainly known for its natural beauty.

Yorkshire and the North East
Yorkshire is a region that is known for multiple things, such as the colourful industrial cities, the medieval markets, beaches as well as the long stretches of open land. Most of the tourists prefer to visit during the summer because of the sunny days. But it does get warm and the temperature can reach close to 23 degrees Celsius. People who want to visit during more pleasant weather may try out during the Spring months of April and May or Autumn during the months of September and October when the weather is cooler and affordable. Winters are chilly and the temperature can reach below 5 degrees Celsius and it also rains quite a bit. So, it is better to skip this time.

England in Spring (March to May)

Weather in England
Spring in England is very beautiful because the flowers bloom after the chilly winter and you can find greenery all over the country. The tourists do start to come in during this season as the temperatures turn pleasant. The average high temperature is anywhere between 11 to 18 degrees Celsius. This is a great time to explore the nature and the countryside of England.

Key Events in Spring
· Pancake Day is celebrated with food and drinks to get ready for Lend which lasts for 40 days.
· Easter is celebrated in a grand manner throughout the country which generally falls in the month of April.
· June is a celebration of the summer solstice.

England in Summer (June to August)

Weather in England
Summer is the peak tourism season in England, so you can see a lot of people throughout the country. It is actually a great time as the weather is warm and the skies are mostly clear. People actually get to have a nice time going around the country sightseeing and enjoying outdoor activities. The average high temperature is between 21- 23 degrees Celsius. July is often the hottest month throughout the country.

Key Events in Summer
· Wimbledon generally takes place in June or July and this an amazing time for tennis lovers.
· Notting Hill Carnival is celebrated in August in Notting Hill street, London.
· Edinburgh People’s Festival is generally celebrated in August commemorating the people of Edinburgh.
· Robin Hood Festival is celebrated in Nottinghamshire and everyone can find their kind of attraction at this festival.

England in Autumn (September to November)

Weather in England
After the warm summer, the temperatures descend in the Autumn months of September to November. You can actually see the changes in nature as the foliage starts to change its colour. This provides a beautiful setting for the whole of England. Autumn generally has the grey days when the sky is covered with clouds and there can be fogged as well. The average high temperature is between 11- 20 degrees Celsius. It is actually a great time for going on trekking or hiking trips in England.

Key Events in Autumn
· Halloween is celebrated on 31st October and the kids have a fun time.
· Bonfire night is celebrated on 5th November to remember the day when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the House of Parliaments but failed to do so.

England in Winter (December to February)

Weather in England
The winter brings in chilly and damp weather because of the rain and snow. It is the off-season for tourism, though people do visit the important cities during the festivities. The average high temperature is between 8-9 degrees Celsius. One should always carry an umbrella because it can rain anytime.

Key Events in Winter
· Hanukkah is celebrated among the Jewish communities residing in England.
· Christmas is a great celebration among everyone living in England and it is one of the most important festivals in the country.
· New Year’s Eve is for the party lovers and they need to go down to England.
· Valentine’s Day is also an important event and you can see the important cities decked up for the festival of love.
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