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Manado is popularly known for dishes like Tinutuan, Cakalang Fufu, Paniki, Babi Putar, etc. which can easily be found in small street food settings or even in properly established restaurant chains. A famous local dish, Rica Rica, known for its spiciness derived from the cabe rawit ingredient, can be found in most places but if one prefers their food to be cooked after ordering it and to personally select the level of spiciness in the food item, they should definitely head to Warong Rica Rica in Bahu Mall. Tinutuan, or Bubur Manado, is a locally loved form of congee that visitors can try from the Wakeke Street, which has popularly come to be known as the congee street because of the multiple tinutuan vendors, with Cafe Dego Dego as one of the most visited eateries. 

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Manado - Beautiful City Surrounded by Mountainous Area
 Ban Hin Kiong temple - Most Famous Temple in Manado
Hill of Love - Also Called as Bukit Kasih

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