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1. Tunan Waterfall

Tunan Waterfall

0 km
from city center
1 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Tunan Waterfall is one of the many waterfalls located in Sulawesi, with a height of 86 meters surrounded by lush green forests and a sheer rock face. The picturesque waterfalls flow into the narrow canyon present at the foot of the cascades, with misty water giving it a beautiful appearance.

2. Malalayang Beach

Malalayang Beach

4 km
from city center
2 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Known for its marine park and the colourful varieties of coral reefs with flourishing biodiversity of a mixed and wide range of species of fish and other aquatic creatures, the Malalayang Beach is perfect for a relaxed day amongst the scenic environment with family and friends. The shores are lined with black, hard river stones and the tides are mostly calm.

3. Hill of Love

Hill of Love

3 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Hill of Love, also known as Bukit Kasih, is one of the well known tourist attractions in North Sulawesi, located in the Kanonang Village in the Minahasa regency. The active sulphuric hill was built in 2002 as a centre of spirituality where followers of various faiths could gather and have their own private sessions. The name, Hill of Love, came about because of its significance as a harmonious place of worship for different religions.

4. Minahasa Highlands

Minahasa Highlands

17 km
from city center
4 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Minahasa Highlands are best known for being home to various volcanic peaks that rise up to more than 1700 meters and the friendly natives. The region is rich in culture and history and also has an exquisite local cuisine. The highlands start at around 300 meters above sea level and go up to almost 600-700 meters that offer spectacular views of the volcanoes and mountains full of greenery. The region is starkly different from the beaches of North Sulawesi because of mostly pleasant weather throughout the day and cool nights. The natives of the Minahasa Highlands live in dainty wood-frame houses that make the residential areas look similar to European settlements.

5. Ban Hin Kiong Temple

Ban Hin Kiong Temple

5 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Taoist temple located in the heart of Manado’s China Town is most frequented by tourists because of its stunning architecture and interesting history. It was established in 1819 during the Qing Dynasty in China and was initially built with only bamboo wood. The temple has been around for 335 years and currently stands as the oldest temple in the city.

6. Waruga


6 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Waruga Sawangan is a cemetery known for being an old megalithic heritage site, located just 40 kilometers outside the main city of Manado. The word Waruga refers to stone sarcophagi which was used by the people of Minahasa back in ancient times as a burial method, wherein the body of the deceased was put within the Waruga in a squatting position, resembling the position of a fetus in a mother’s womb. The box and the top cover, which has the shape of a roof so that the Waruga resembles a house, are both made from whole hard stone.

7. Bunaken Island

Bunaken Island

19 km
from city center
7 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Bunaken Island is a part of the Bunaken National Marine Park which covers a length of 890 square kilometers and includes other islands like Manado Tua, Siladen, Mantehage, Nain and Nain Kecil apart from the Bunaken Island. The island in itself stretches over a distance of 8 square kilometers and it is located at the northern end of the Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. The island is well known to water sports enthusiasts as it offers a great spot for scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

8. Lake Tondano

Lake Tondano

8 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Lake Tondano is a beautiful and popular tourist destination located near Tondano city and is surrounded by Caldera rim on the east side and rice fields on the west. The road from Manado to this volcanic lake is spectacular with stunning views all the way up and has many restaurants lined along the road. It is the second-largest lake in Indonesia covering an area of 4278 hectares. and is one of the best places to spend a lovely evening and enjoy an amazing sunset over the serene lake.

9. Boulevard Manado

Boulevard Manado

3 km
from city center
9 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Boulevard Manado is the city's most happening area. This attraction initially had only street-side eateries and cafés lining the beach but over the years has become a commercial zone with a considerable number of shopping malls, showrooms, hotels, etc.

10. Giant Statue Of Jesus

Giant Statue Of Jesus

10 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Giant Statue of Jesus is a 50-metre-tall monument that is situated in Manado, Indonesia. It consists of a 30-metre-tall soapstone sculpture of Jesus Christ built over a 20-metre-tall pedestal, made of steel and fibre. This attraction is located at the Citra Land Residential Estate.

11. Bunaken National Park

Bunaken National Park

24 km
from city center
11 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Bunaken National Park is a marine park located on the north-west side of Indonesia near the Sulawesi Islands. This biologically rich region is located near the centre of the Coral Triangle and is home to 390 types of coral, fish, molluscs, reptiles and other various marine mammals. It covers a region of 890.65 km² out of which 97% is the marine-based environment. The remaining 3% of the Park includes the five islands of Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage, Nain and Siladen. In 1991, it was formally set up as a national park and is now among the first of Indonesia's developing marine parks.

12. Manado Town Square

Manado Town Square

1 km
from city center
12 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Manado Town Square is located in the centre of Manado – on the Jalan Pierre Tendean (Boulevard) and is a shopping centre with upscale multinational shops. It was first opened in 2006 and wasn’t as big of an establishment as it is in the present day. Manado Town Square 1 and 2 was first established here and this is what has driven the administration to extend the building size and expand the number of shops and build Manado Town Square 3.

13. Siladen Island

Siladen Island

2 km
from city center
13 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Famously known as one of the hidden paradises of Bunaken, the Siladen Island is home to a spectacular marine park with shoals of colourful fishes and fascinating coral reefs. Located about eight miles off the city centre in the northeast side of Bunaken, Siladen is one of the five islands in Manado, North Sulawesi. Be it spending a calm afternoon while sunbathing, or experiencing an adrenaline rush while snorkelling or diving, this island has something to suit everyone!

14. Lake Linow

Lake Linow

14 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

Situated outside Tomohon in Indonesia, the volcanic Lake Linow seems like a place straight out of the fairytales. Owing to its varying chemical compositions, the tranquil lake Linow miraculously changes colours, from dark green to Prussian blue to a brilliant red!

15. Paal Beach

Paal Beach

41 km
from city center
15 out of 15
Things To Do in Manado

The Paal beach is a hidden paradise in North Sulawesi. Located in Marinsow Village, this beach is filled with hundreds of people during weekends and holidays. The beautiful stretch of pink-golden sand surrounded by green hills and clear blue water will make you want to visit this beach more than once.

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What are the top sightseeing places in Manado?

The top sightseeing places in Manado are Tunan Waterfall, Malalayang Beach, Hill of Love, Minahasa Highlands, Ban Hin Kiong Temple , Waruga .

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