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House of Dancing Water, Macau Overview

The House of Dancing Water is the world's largest water theme show, performed at and hosted by the City of Dreams Casino Resort in Macau. Featuring a 3.7 million-gallon pool, the water-based musical is a breathtaking marvel to witness.

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House of Dancing Water Show Timings

There are usually 2 shows every day (as per their current time-table there are no shows being done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). The schedule for the same is as follows-

First show timings- 5:00 PM onwards
Second show timings- 8:00 PM onwards

On some days there might be only 1 show being done which is mostly beginning from 8:00 PM onwards. 

Tickets and Packages

With a 270 degree view of/from the stage, there are differently priced reserves from where this show can be experienced depending on the proximity to the stage. The categories and their corresponding ticket prices are-

C reserve ticket prices
Adults: HKD 598, Child: HKD 478, Macau resident, student, seniors: HKD 538

B reserve ticket prices
Adults- HKD 798, Child: HKD 638, Macau resident, student, seniors: HKD 718

A reserve ticket prices
Adults- HKD 998 Child: HKD 798, Macau resident, student, seniors: HKD 898
VIP Reserve- HKD 1498 per ticket

Tickets can be bought online. Also, the Hard Rock Hotel offers tickets as part of their hotel stay package although there won’t be any significant mark-downs or discounts on the price of the tickets.  

House of Dancing Water
The stunning visuals during House of Water Dancing show (Source)

Cast and Characters

While most of the cast and crew of House of Dancing Water is trained to be able to play different roles interchangeably, the main performers can be categorised into the following groups/categories-

Characters- The actors who play the roles of the King, Queen, Princess, the Fisherman Hero, Pirates and other supporting casts including the clowns. Their acting skills don’t fail to impress and the emotions are well-displayed to make the viewer feel fully involved in the story line. 

House Troupe- This group consists of gymnasts and sports acrobats, both male and female. Their acts are stupendous and the members belong to uber skilled categories because their performances include complex stunts, requiring unbelievable flexibility and years of practice to master. 

Acrobatic dancers- This group consists of mostly men which a strong background in dancing and gymnastics because their tasks involve moving on the stage in rhythm, fluent dance moves coupled with stunts to enhance the charisma of the show amd to leave the audience awe-inspired.

The House of Dancing Water
The Acrobatic Dancers (Source)

Dancers- Different from acrobatic dancers, these are pure dancers in terms of their job being limited but not restricted to dancing various dance from like jazz, ballet, salsa, etc as per the need of the moments in the performance. They are the background dancers who generally perform in groups during a musical sequence. 

Pyramid- A group from Tanzania, lifting each other and forming shapes/figures is their specialty hence the name pyramid. They add glory to the dance as well as other dramatic features of the show.

House of Dancing Water
The acrobatics at House of Dancing Water (Source)


  • The first 3-4 rows directly in front of the stage/near the stage are the splash rows meaning the audience sitting here should expect water splashes on them during the show performance so be prepared for the same and come ready for it in case those are your tickets. 
  • It is suggested to book the tickets in advance because they are expensive and in high demand, so they sell like hot cakes and if you want to grab one for yourself you should purchase them well before-hand.       
  • It is especially fun for kids, so in case one is traveling with them, that is all the more reason to bring them along and definitely watch this show. 

How To Reach House of Dancing Water

Shuttle: There are free shuttle bus services running to and fro between City of Dreams where this show takes place and several other points in the city like the Macau International Airport, Macau Ferry Terminal, Taipa Ferry Terminal and Border Gate, making this is one of the most affordable and convenient modes of transportation to reach your destination. 

Bus: There are also public buses with a stop at the City of Dreams like bus no. 21 and a few more, so you can hop on them from the many junctions in the city where these buses run and be dropped off at the location of the show.

Taxi: An expensive but direct and convenient mode can also be to hail a cab/taxi and ask to be dropped off at the City of Dreams.

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