Sam Po Temple, Macau Overview

The Sam Po temple is located in the dingy street of Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto. It was built in honor of Sam Po who is a water goddess and also the third eldest sister of Tin Hau, the guardian of seafarers. The idol sits inside a cave-like structure. A visit to this temple is a must as it reminds one of the history of Taipa as a seafaring community.

The entrance to the Sam Po Temple is guarded by a small door and the closed cave-like structure adds a mysterious and spiritual aura. Even though it is dark inside, one is immediately reassured by the motherly and kind face of the deity.

The visitor can make offerings in the form of money or fruits or flowers to show veneration to the great sea- goddess. Sam Po Temple is also home to a Taoist stone tablet that dates back to the Xianfeng Reign.

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