I Leng Temple, Macau Overview

I Leng Temple, otherwise known as Ka Sin Tong is located along a long street lined in Taipa Village with several other temples. The temple stands as a dedication to I Leng Dai Tai- the greatest emperor of healing. It is a must visit for all those who want to experience the rich cultural history of Taipa.

Currently, the idol in the I Leng Temple is the Emperor of Sacred Doctor. It is a site of historical significance due to the various important relics encased there such as vertical couplets, imperial style lanterns, horizontal plaque and shrines.

The name ‘I Leng’ can refer to any venerated physicians or pharmacists such as Shennong, Hua Tuo, and Sun Simiao. The name of the I Leng Temple can be seen carved on the monument, while the original name ‘Ka Sin Tong’ was found during the refurbishments.

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