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St Dominic's Church Macau, Macau Overview

St Dominic Church is a traditional Catholic church located near the Leal Senado Building in Macau. It was constructed by three Spanish Dominican priests in the late 16th century. This enchanting church has a huge collection of Catholic art and sculptures in its name along with tools that have been used by priests over the years for masses making it a must visit for art lovers, history enthusiasts and spirituality seeking souls.

The Church of Dominic is a famous Baroque style church that stands in its own right with striking eye catching exterior. The church is a confluence of Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese style of architecture with Catholic culture. The huge doors separate the cacophony of the square outside from the serene silence that fills the church. People soak the ambience while their offering prayer and studying sacred art work at the museum that was opened in 1997. Also, Saint Dominic Church is one of the twenty nine sites that form the Historic Centre of Macau which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Architecture of St Dominic Church

The St Dominic’s Church is a beautifully built Portuguese colonial Catholic church reflecting Baroque style in its structure and an amalgamation of European and Macanese characteristics in its design. The Church of Dominic from the outside is made of brilliant yellow stone and pure white mortar. 

This sacred place of worship has three halls. The side halls of the church are separated from the main altar by arched brick gates. The ceiling is carved majestically with Spanish crowns. The main hall follows the traditional Catholic style interior that uses coloured stained glasses. The Macanese influence comes to life in the Chinese style roof tiles of the church. Furthermore, the doors are made of teak which speaks volumes of the local culture and architecture of Macau.

Artefacts and Sculptures
The Church of Dominic leaves one smitten with its intriguing oil paintings and statues one of which being the outstanding statue of Jesus Christ. The statue of “The Virgin and Child” placed on the altar along with wood and ivory carved statues of several saints is a key attraction over here that draws tourists and spiritually inclined people from far and wide. There are approximately three hundred pieces of religious works of art and artefacts.

St Dominic Church Macau
Inside St Dominic's Church (Source)

History of Saint Dominic Church

St. Dominic’s Church at Senado Square was first built in 1587 by Spanish Dominican priests who arrived from Acapulco and Mexico. However, in the very next year, it was taken over by Portugal disciples. The main idea behind the construction of the church was to house the Lady of the Rosary. St. Dominic Church was at first built in camphor wood. Later, it was rebuilt in stone around the 17th century. 

The church was closed down in 1834 when the orders of the monarch were dissolved and the church was put in the hands of the government. Subsequently it converted into barracks, a stable and an office for public works. However, after some time, Saint Dominic Church was reopened and was given the responsibility to store and preserve many sacred works of art that have religious significance.

The church underwent renovation in 1991 and opened a museum named Treasure of Sacred Arts Museum in 1997 alongside the church.


  • For the ones interested in attending the mass are advised to keep track of the mass schedules either online or from the church itself. 
  • St. Dominic’s Church is a hotspot for music concerts and is well renowned for its yearly Macau International Music Festival. The music festivals essentially revolve around romantic orchestral music like a symphony of Beethoven. If you have a penchant for such music, plan your visit accordingly.

How To Reach St Dominic's Church Macau

St. Dominic’s Church is situated in the heart of the famous Senado Square (near Leal Senado Building), which is the focal point of Macau in China. It can be reached either by car or bus. Hire a cab from Macau Ferry Terminal to set out for the church. The Terminal is a bit far but it is a good idea if one wants to stop at other tourist attractions in between like malls, casinos etc. Alternatively, get onto bus No.3, 3, 3 A, 4, 5, 7, 8 A, 10, 10 A, 11, 18, 19, 21 A, 26 A, or 33 to get to the St Dominic Church.

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