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How to Reach Los Angeles from India

No direct flights are available between India and Los Angeles. However, connecting flights from nearly all international airports are available, some approaching the US from the west and some from the east. Major international airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates and others ply on these routes.

Visa Policy for Indians

You can apply for a tourist visa for the United States at your nearest US Embassy. Basic requirements include proof that you are staying for only a limited amount of time, proof that you can financially support yourself during your stay and also proof that you have social or economic ties in your country that will ensure your return. You can confirm all the other documents required at the US Embassy's website.

How to reach Los Angeles by flight

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is a huge and bustling and one of the busiest in the US. It is very well connected to the entire country and indeed the rest of the world, with flights from all the major countries and cities in the world. Los Angeles also has 4 other airports, one each at Long Beach, Burbank, Orange County and Ontario. These airports mostly serve domestic routes, and the LAX also usually provides cheaper fares.

How to reach Los Angeles by road

LA is easily accessible from nearby cities and towns. The LA Metropolitan Area has a plethora of highways and freeways into the city. The most popular of these are Interstate 10, which runs from one coast of the US to the other, to Florida; Interstate 5, which runs southwards through San Diego all the way to Mexico and northwards to Sacramento, Portland and Seattle all the way to Canada; and the US Route 101 which connects it to San Francisco.

How to reach Los Angeles by train

LA is fairly well connected to nearby destinations with trains arriving at the Union Station. Many train services like Union Pacific, Amtrak, Burlington Northern Santa Fe connect Los Angeles to the rest of the cities in the United States.

Local transport in Los Angeles

Public transportation in LA is decent, but not overly impressive. The Metro Rail and the public bus are the two most popular means of mass public transport here. Various different companies provide bus services in the city, and the subway system runs across 8 lines. Having a TAP Card is the easiest way to get through payments in these modes. It is a rechargeable card which is accepted in buses and metros. The best way to get around LA is by hiring a car. It is a very easy task in the city, and the roads are not confusing. However, be vary of traffic, and avoid travelling during office rush hours. Cabs also run throughout the city, though you'll have to book them. This makes it a very time consuming and expensive task, so hiring a car remains the best way to get around the city.

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