Food of Los Angeles

In Los Angeles you will find food from literally every single cuisine in the world. Some of the world's best chefs have their restaurants here, and all the major fast food joints of the world have various outlets in the city. There are numerous local joints serving classic American food like steaks and sandwiches, and loads of other things. Some of these joints have a long history, and usually involve a secret family recipe! You will come across many food trucks and the yummy hot dog stands. Or you could just grab a quick bagel or burrito as you go on with your journey. There are just way too many things to try here in Los Angeles, and suggesting one over the other would be unfair! Discover your tastes, look around, because variety of food is something LA will definitely not disappoint you in.

Food for Indians in Los Angeles

There are many Indian food options in LA throughout the city. The really popular ones include Addi's Tandoor (South Bay), Badmaash (West 2nd Street), Crown of India (Santa Monica Boulevard), India's Grill (San Vicente Boulevard), India's Restaurant (Fountain Ave) and a plethora of others. Vegetarian options include the south Indian Annapurna (Venice), Paru's (Sunset Boulevard), Govinda's Natural Food Restaurant (Watseka Ave), Samosa House (Sunset Boulevard) among many others, with these restaurants serving great vegetarian as well as jain and vegan foods.

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