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Craig Baker

on Girard Reservoir 2 years ago
The photo shown here is not the reservoir, which is only the size of a swimming pool. The reservoir is not a place to visit, and it never was. It is not open to the public, and never will be. It was (Read More)not converted to a park. Here is a brief history: The town of Girard was a 1920's subdivision in the southwest corner of the Valley. To lure prospects, Victor Girard built stables and a riding club, and opened the Girard Country Club golf course. He planted 120,000 shade trees, including eucalyptus, pine, and pepper trees, which later gave Woodland Hills its name. But the Girard subdivision did not work out. Land was reportedly sold over and over in a bait-and-switch scheme. After the 1929 stock market crash, many who could escape Girard did so, and by 1932 there were only 75 families left. Today, DWP is saving the old Girard Reservoir site for a future water tank if needed.

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