Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Car in Los Angeles

Renting a car in Los Angeles is the best decision you can make when on vacation in this city. Alongside its popular culture, Los Angeles is known for its infamous traffic. Hence, traveling via public transport can take away a lot of your time than intended. Moreover, renting a car gives you flexibility so that you can go wherever you want. Before renting it, you need to be aware of the city’s driving rules and regulations and the best way you can get the cheapest deal. Here is everything you need to know before renting a car in Los Angeles.

Best Car Rentals in Los Angeles

1. Midway Car Rental, 1800 S Sepulveda Blvd

Price: Starting at $41/day         

Where to Book: Visit the official website for reservations and further details

2. Enterprise car rental, 8734 Bellanca Ave

Price: Starting at $43/day

Where to book: Visit the official website for reservations and further details

3. Sixt Car Rental, 9000 Bellanca Ave

Price: Starting at $32/day

Where to book: Visit the official website for reservations and further details

4. Thrifty Car Rental, 9000 Airport Blvd

Price:  Starting at $40/day

Where to book: Visit the official website for reservations and further details

5. Hertz Car Rental, 9000 Airport Blvd

Price: Starting at $26/day

Where to book: Visit the official website for reservations and further details

Documents Required for Renting a Car in Los Angeles

To rent a car in Los Angeles, you have to be at least 21 years of age and carry a valid driver’s license. It doesn’t have to be from California as the law permits you to use your home country’s driving license. Some rental companies may ask for an extra charge if you are between 21 and 25 years of age, and some cars may even be restricted for you if you are under that age group. However, check out the company’s policy before picking up your car as they might need some additional documents like proof of reservation. However, carrying a copy of your passport is essential if you are an international passenger. Rental car companies will also ask for an additional fee if you plan to drive outside of the state.

Types of Cars to Rent in Los Angeles

car parking
As the city is brimming with freeways and wider streets, any type of car will be suitable to rent for its streets. However, an intermediate or a full-size car is best to enjoy the city’s scenic routes and the national parks. An average cost to rent a car there is around $60/day, but it is advisable to rent it at least one day prior to your usage to get the best price. In addition, a Toyota Corolla is the cheapest rental car in the city, costing only $13/ day, and the SUV is the most booked car rental.  Some of the best car rental companies in LA are Midway, Enterprise, and Sixt.

Things to Know Before Renting a Car in Los Angeles

  1. Avoid renting a car at the airport

    Renting a car at the airport might look like the most convenient and fuss-free option to go for, but booking a car from somewhere else will save you a lot of money. The amount of tax these airports charge is double compared to the charges from somewhere else. Moreover, some airports can even go up to 30% of the tax on your rental.

  2. Go through all the pricing options

    Many car rental companies offer a cheaper cost if you book it for a longer period of time. Compare the price of all the rental periods before making a decision and not just looking for the rental period you need it for as the price can be significantly low if you book it for two more days. Do your math and then come to a decision.

  3. Look for any defects before driving away

    It’s a smarter choice to check that all its functions are running smoothly, like the lights or odometer, and if you find any scratches or defects to the car, report to the company at once.

  4. Don’t pay for unnecessary accessories

    The salesperson will try to make you pay more by presenting you with various offers like the navigation system, insurance, fuel package purchases, and many more. But before agreeing to any of these, make sure whether you actually need it or not. For example, your Smartphone already has a GPS so getting their navigation system is not useful for you.

  5. Fill up the tank before returning the vehicle

    Some companies have the policy to return the car with a full tank or the amount of gas there was when you left. If you fail to do so, they will ask you to pay extra money for it. And these car rental companies charge way more for gas than the local gas stations.

Road Regulations in Los Angeles 

  1. Mind the speed limits

    Unless stated in posted signs, the maximum speed to drive in city streets is 25 miles per hour, and for freeways, it is 65 miles per hour. There are high fines involved if anyone fails to abide by the speed limits.

  2. Avoid holding the phone when driving

    California laws are particularly strict about the usage of cell phones when you are driving. It is against their law to talk, text, read messages, or doing anything on your phone unless you are using a hands-free setup.  Besides, anyone under 18 cannot use a phone even with a hands-free setup.

  3. Littering is a strict NO

    Considering the recent wildfires in California, cops from all over the state have become stricter on anyone who throws litter while driving, especially cigarette butts. If caught, you have to pay a fine of $1000.

  4. Turn right on the red light

    Drivers can take the right turn on red signals after stopping and checking carefully if it is clear. However, there can be exceptions that will be stated on a sign.

  5. Child safety

    As per California laws, it is illegal to leave a six-year-old child or younger unattended on concerns like a locked car on a hot day or when the engine is on.

  6. Read the signs before parking

    Before parking, make sure to always check out the signs to know if any parking restriction is in effect when you are parking, as getting tickets for violating the posted regulations is more often than you think. If there is a red curb, it means no parking, a green curb means parking for a limited time, and a white or yellow curb indicates passenger loading and unloading but no parking.
Los Angeles has the perfect combination of cheap and luxury cars for rent from various rental car agencies. All you have to do is do a little planning and compare the prices to get the best deals when renting a car in Los Angeles. Getting a rental car is a far better option than using public transport for a fuss-free vacation.

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