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"The Industrial Heartbeat of Vietnam"

Long Xuyen Tourism

Established in the year 1999, Long Xuyen is the capital city of An Giang Province of Mekong Delta area of South Western Vietnam. Long Xuyen thrives on Hoa Hao religion which is reflected in its Buddhism Centres. The city takes you on a spiritual drive with Catholic Churches and other religious places spanning in the city. Long Xuyen attracts a lot of business tourism because of its developed rice trading and Basa fish processing industry (which is found in abundance here). This makes the capital city a perfect blend of modernisation and local culture with lots to explore and try.

Long Xuyen is the second most prosperous city in its area after Can Tho City and has established itself as an educational hub that attracts foreign students for its academic as well as industrial opportunities. The Ton Duc Thang museum highlights the rich Vietnamese history of Long Xuyen. The evenings are eventful with the floating market being a star attraction.With relatively cheap boarding and lodging and commuting at affordable rates, Long Xuyen is a must visit in Vietnam.

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Places to Visit

  • At night, the luminous floating market, where fishing is done, is a must-visit. This also reflects their heritage and are an integral part of their economy that supports the majority of the locals.
  • Do visit the Cam mountain known as the silk brocade for its scenic beauty, gardens and fruits like mangoes, jackfruits, bananas, durians, avocados and custard-apples. It is an eco-tourism site with lush green tourist parks. Do see the rock carvings of the great Buddha and elephant.
  • It is also known as Thien Cam Son or heaven’s forbidden park. Head to Sap Mountains and row a boat through the caves enjoying the serene surroundings.
  • If you are interested in seeing more temples and pagodas, visit the Sam Mountains which is a sacred place for the Buddhists. Do not miss a chance to visit Tiger Island, which has some archaeological artefacts believed to belong to the Stone Age era.

Local Culture

The local culture of Long Xuyen is reflected in the food. Some of the must-try specialities are basa fish, mam thai and thot not coconuts. To get acquainted with the culture of Long Xuyen, you should plan a visit to the handicraft village where you can witness amazing craftsmanship in traditional pottery. Gain insights about indigenous products by asking the locals or your travel guide to arrange a tour for you where you can see how noodles are produced and how rice and mushrooms are cultivated. Furthermore, you can visit Oc Eo which is an archaeological site and a significant port city to the Funan Kingdom.

Local Industry

Being the second most flourishing city in its region, Long Xuyen has a strong foundation in merchandising primarily focusing on rice trading. It is distinguished for its processed fish industry mainly Basa fish with more than 10000 workers and six major plants involved in the process.

Long Xuyen Photos

Long Xuyen
Mesmarizing Scenery of Long Xuyen Province
Big Buddha Statue in Cam Mountain
Nguyen Du Park, My Binh Ward, Long Xuyen City

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FAQs on Long Xuyen

What is the best time to visit Long xuyen?

The weather is quite friendly at Long Xuyen. However, November and December are cool and pleasant whereas other months are warm and sunny rendering the former more favourable.
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What is the local food in Long xuyen?

You will find a lot of Vietnamese food in Long Xuyen. Along with Vietnamese, you can gorge on Burmese and Thai food that is easily available here. 
  • The sumptuous Long Xuyen rice noodle soup with fish is a delicious bowl that serves the goodness of the city’s special produce all in one - rice, noodles, fish and broth that is cooked in coconut water.
  • Beef is cooked in a number of ways like boiled beef guts, grilled beef, rice congee with beef head, braised beef with bread, stir-fried beef with vang leaves and stir-fried beef with vegetables.
  • Tung Lo Mo is another speciality. It is like a sausage that is sun-dried, grilled, seasoned with chillies and herbs and served with rice vermicelli (or bread), star fruit and slices of green banana. Locals enjoy dipping in it chilli sauce or a mix of salt, pepper and lemon juice.
  • Black scorpions are a speciality of Long Xuyen. They are caught and then kept for days so that they clean their stomach. Then they are deep-fried for a crispy crust.
  • La Sau Dau (Azadirachta Indica leaf) Salad is a local preparation made Lau Sau Dau with braised pork, shrimp, fish (steamed or macerated).
  • Macerated fish guts is a traditional delicacy that is kept in a jar for three months and eaten with herb flavoured steamed rice. These are often served with pork belly, duck egg and ginger.
  • Another intriguing dish is sticky steamed rice which is finely crushed to smooth dough consistency. The dough is then shaped into round balls which are then deep-fried till golden brown and crispy.
  • Chau Doc Cow Cake with palm sugar is a yummy concoction of rice powder, palm sugar and yeast.

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What is the best way to reach Long xuyen?

As specified earlier, Long Xuyen is closer to the border of Cambodia. It is approximately 1,950 km to the south of Hanoi, 189 km away from Ho Chi Minh City and 45 km from the border of Cambodia.

The best way to get to Long Xuyen is by bus. It takes five hours from Ho Chi Minh City or 1.5 hours from Can Tho.
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What are the places near Long xuyen?

The top places near to Long xuyen are Ho chi minh city which is 139 km from Long xuyen, Cao lanh which is located 22 km from Long xuyen, My tho which is located 99 km from Long xuyen, Hoi an which is located 686 km from Long xuyen, Hue which is located 712 km from Long xuyen

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