Things To Do In Kep

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Things To Do In Kep

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1. Kep National Park

Kep National Park
4.5 /5

9 km
from city center
1 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Kep National Park is located in the interior of Kep Province in south-east Cambodia. It is known for beautiful hiking trails, especially the trail 'Stairway to Heaven,' located amidst lush mountains, with many points offering lovely views of Bokor mountains and Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam. If you want to enjoy spending time in nature, it is recommended to visit this national park while touring Kep town.

2. Kep Butterfly Farm

Kep Butterfly Farm
4.3 /5

7 km
from city center
2 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Kep Butterfly Farm is a private ecological garden located outside the provincial town of Kep in Cambodia. One of the latest additions to the list of Kep attractions for the tourists, the farm is home to hundreds of species of colourful butterflies thriving in a beautiful garden rich in the local flora. Close to Kep National Park, the farm is worth a short trip.

3. Koh Tonsay Rabbit Island

Koh Tonsay Rabbit Island
4.2 /5

11 km
from city center
3 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Koh Tonsay is one of the most well-known islands in Kep.

4. Kep Beach

Kep Beach
3.8 /5

9 km
from city center
4 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Kep Beach, a long crescent stretching at the tip of the Kep Peninsula opening to the Gulf of Thailand, is a popular tourist attraction in the town among the locals as well as international travelers. The vehicle-free promenade along the beach coupled with a few other neighbouring attractions make visiting Kep beach worth it.

5. Koh Tonsay(Rabbit Island)

Koh Tonsay(Rabbit Island)

5 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island as it is popularly called is a small island off the coast of Kep in Cambodia. Once a quiet relaxing place, it is now among the top tourist attractions in Kep. Most people go on a day trip from Kep and enjoy the scenic landscapes, white sand beaches and seafood. If you are short on time, you can also explore the island for a few hours on your Kep trip.

6. Crab Statue

Crab Statue

6 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

The provincial town of Kep in Cambodia is famous for the crabs around the world. To welcome the visitors, the locals have built a Crab Statue out in the sea, which is the icon of Kep. The giant blue crab statue, built on a wooden platform rising from the sea, catches the attention of the tourists instantly, and in front of it is the bay area comprising of the Crab Market and series of wooden restaurants serving local crab cuisines. The statue is among the latest additions to the attractions in Kep. It has a welcome sign along with a note stating 'Kep Kep clean,' indicating the tourists to maintain the cleanliness in Kep.

7. Crab Market

Crab Market

7 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

The Crab Market is a fresh seafood market located in the provincial town of Kep in Cambodia. Kep is known for its crabs and the various local delicacies savoured by international tourists traveling in the city. The Crab market is a bustling place for the visitors to see how these crabs are procured, sold and cooked. In this busy wet market, locals also sell other seafood, meat, vegetables, fruits and even snacks. You can also buy crabs, get them cooked instantly and dine in of the many Crab shacks located next to the market.

8. Sothy's Pepper Farm

Sothy's Pepper Farm

8 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Sothy's Pepper Farm is a small pepper farm located between Kampot and Kep amidst a gorgeous countryside. It is Kep's most visited Kampot pepper farm and among the top attractions to the tourists visiting either of these towns. You can take up free tours to get to know about Kampot pepper, which has a Protected Geographical Indication status and is renowned in the world for its superior and complex taste. You'll learn about organic pepper farming methods, including harvesting and processing. Worth a short trip to the farm while traveling in Kep.

9. Kep Zoo

Kep Zoo

9 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

The Teuk Chhou Zoo or Kep Zoo as it is popularly called is located in Thmei Village in the Prey Thom Commune between the provincial towns of Kampot and Kep in Cambodia. One of the famous tourist attractions, especially among people traveling with kids, this private zoo is home to several species of local wild animals as well as flora.

10. Sailing Club

Sailing Club

10 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

The sailing club is located at Knai Bang Chat, a boutique luxury resort close to the provincial town of Kep in SouthWest Cambodia. It is the first sailing club in the country open to the public. Built on stilts, the club is in a beautiful ambience beside fishermen's house and a series of palm trees. The club is open for tourists, and you can enjoy some water sports or watch the sunset on your Kep trip.

11. Crab Shacks

Crab Shacks

11 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Kep is famous across Cambodia for its crab, which are found in Crab shacks - local restaurants serving its different local cuisines. It is a recommended activity for tourists traveling to Kep to try the various seafood delicacies. The most popular crab dish is fried crab with local pepper. Steamed, stewed crabs dipped in Amok curry or spicy red sauce is served in Crab shacks along with other seafood options.

12. Secret Lake

Secret Lake

12 out of 12
Things To Do in Kep

Locally called as Tomnop Tek Krolar, the Secret Lake is located near the provincial town of Kampot in Cambodia. It lies between the pepper plantations and the Phnom Chhnork cave, and unlike its name, it's among the popular tourist attractions in Kampot.

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FAQs on Kep

How can I commute within Kep?

Since Kep is a little coastal area, it's quite easy to get around. Tuk-tuks are the most popular form of transport. If you're taking a short trip around Kep, a tuk-tuk ride will cost you $ 1-2. If you would like to keep a tuk-tuk with you for an entire day, the cost would be anywhere between $12 to $25. Another option is renting motorcycles and driving them around yourself. For a 125 cc bike, the cost is around $ 7 per day. Most guesthouses and lodges give up bikes for rent, so you could always ask around. You can also find bikes for rent at Bat 11, on Kep Beach. The final option in terms of getting around Kep, is walking!
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What are the top sightseeing places in Kep?

The top sightseeing places in Kep are Kep National Park, Kep Butterfly Farm, Koh Tonsay Rabbit Island, Kep Beach, Koh Tonsay(Rabbit Island), Crab Statue.
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