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"The Cradle of Mekong Delta"

Ben Tre Tourism

Ben Tre is a city situated in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam and is just about 2 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City. It is the capital of Ben Tre Province which occupies the south-eastern region of the country. What puts Ben Tre on the map are its serene waterfronts, the delta, its islets and the old settlements.

These townships are connected to its adjoining region, especially the cities Tra Vinh and My Tho, by the roadways. Therefore, Ben Tre is often considered a great destination for a weekend getaway. It is a good place for those looking for an offbeat experience in Vietnam.

However, this picturesque city also has a dark past. It is reckoned to be the place where a scuffle between Vietcong and the Vietnamese army led to the great US- Vietnam War. During the time, Ben Tre Province was known as Kien Hoa Province. The bombings and attacks were intense enough to change the hilly landscape of Ben Tre into flat riverside lands.

In its present form, Ben Tre Tourism has gained popularity due to its laidback river tours and offbeat sights. While other industries are present, Ben Tre's claim to fame is its soft and creamy coconut candy. Coconuts are also the city's primary export.

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Things to Do

  • Ben Tre is especially famous for eco-tourism. The scenic surroundings, especially the waterfronts draw the most tourists to the city year on year.
  • The Mekong boat rides, in particular, are most recommended. Travellers can sail across the Mekong delta and get a stunning view of Rach Mieu Bridge which connects the Tien Giang Province to the Ben Tre Province.
  • Most of these tours are arranged for groups, but if one wants to, they can research a little about the place, hire a local fisherman and plan their own private itinerary to explore the picturesque surroundings of Ben Tre.
  • Once in the city, travellers can opt for horse buggy rides or rent motorbikes to go sightseeing. Interested ones can head to the marketplace where they can find exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • Other attractions that can be visited in Ben Tre are the Ben Tre Museum, Honey Bee Farm, Coconut Candy Factory, Vinh Minh Pagoda etc.
  • The city also has a number of restaurants and cafes where one can find local dishes like stewed fish (Ca Dong Kho), crab stew with lemongrass and coconut (Cua Dong Kho Dua Sa), stewed pork (Thit Heo Kho) and stewed shrimps (Tom Kho).


  • There are quite a few options for accommodation in Ben Tre. One can choose from homestays, guesthouses, hotels and resorts.
  • Hotel Oasis is especially popular among travellers as it is also famous for organising boat tours and other activities around the village.
  • There are also some hostels for backpackers on a very tight budget. Facilities for guests vary according to the requirement and costs. Travellers need to book their rooms well in advance especially during the tourist season.

Suggested Itinerary for Ben Tre

People usually just spend a day or two in Ben Tre as it is quite a small town with not many developed tourist sites as such. It is easily reachable from Ho Chi Minh and a day trip is sufficient to give you a taste of it rural life and unexplored sights.

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Ben Tre
Ben Tre - Province in Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta  - Trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia
Ben Tre Bridge - Cable-Styled Bridge

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FAQs on Ben Tre

What is the best time to visit Ben tre?

The best time to visit Ben Tre, Vietnam is between the months of December and April. The city has a tropical climate and witnesses only two seasons, the dry and the monsoon season. During the dry season (November to April), the maximum average temperature of the city is usually around 35ᵒC and the average minimum remains around 21ᵒC. The rainy seasons overlap with the summers which begin in the month of May and lasts till October (the wettest month). The region receives an average annual precipitation of around 1440 mm with less or no change in the temperature.
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What is the local food in Ben tre?

There is no dearth of local Vietnamese delicacies to keep your tastebuds interested in Ben Tre. However, do note that being a small town, world cuisine may not be that easy to come across. You can sample local fare such as Hu Tieu - A soup consisting of liver and intestines; Bun Rieu - Local delicacy made with noodles and meat, and of course the famous and creamy coconut candy.
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What is the best way to reach Ben tre?

The best mode of transportation to reach Ben Tre within Vietnam is by road. The city is located about 85 kilometres from Ho Chi Minh City from where one can board one of the buses heading to Ben Tre. Intercity buses are scheduled to depart for Ben Tre every 15 to 20 minutes from 06:00 AM to 07:00 PM Vietnam Standard Time. If budget permits, one can also opt to rent a taxi to reach the destination. Upon reaching Ben Tre, travellers can explore the city by local buses, taxis, on foot, sail through the delta or rent a motorbike.   

The closest airstrip to Ben Tre is the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) which is located about 90 kilometres away.
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What are the places near Ben tre?

The top places near to Ben tre are Ho chi minh city which is 71 km from Ben tre, Nha trang which is located 380 km from Ben tre, My tho which is located 15 km from Ben tre, Bien hoa which is located 95 km from Ben tre, Cao lanh which is located 84 km from Ben tre

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