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"The Riverside Market"

My Tho Tourism

My Tho, the capital of Tien Giang in Vietnam has now become the marketplace for visitors in the Mekong Delta. People often visit this place on their way to Ho Chi Minh and Can Tho during the spring or the summer season. This period from January to May allows visitors to move around and experience the beauty of the flower gardens in My Tho. however, this city still needs a lot more attention than it already has.

My Tho is located in South Vietnam and is known for its culture, heritage and historical presence in the history of Vietnam. Considered to be the centre of education, technology and economics, My Tho is a part of the North Bank of the upper river called Tien Giang. The floating market in this city is by far, the most common attraction for tourists, especially those who wish to explore Vietnamese ice, fish and fruits. 

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Things to Do

One of the most common things to do in My Tho is to take the guided day tours. A wide range of tourist customised tours throughout the Mekong Delta that pass through My Tho. These tours such as My Tho tour, Mekong Delta Day Tour and River Islands Boat Tour are known to be day tours that visit the major attractions in My Tho such as the floating markets, beaches and islands.
There are also other guided tours such as the Unique Mekong Delta Tour, Upper Mekong River Tour and Cu Chi Tunnels tour take different routes in Mekong Delta and may touch My Tho. However, they may not spend time or give tourists the complete experience of this city.

Places to Visit

  • The flower gardens of Tien Giang are the seasonal gardens that bloom from January to March. They are covered with a range of flowers from Marigolds, Cockscomb, Begonia, Petunia and other native Vietnamese flowers.
  • Tan Tanh Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is merely 50 kilometres away from My Tho.
  • Vinh Trang Temple, a temple 5 kilometres away from My Tho is the epitome of Vietnamese art and architecture, dating back to the 19th century.
  • Floating markets, one of the must-visit attractions of My Tho are located at the Tien Giang river. These markets are open from morning till night for tourists to visit.
  • Thoi Son Island is on Thoi Son river and visitors pass through canals and mangroves while riding on boats around this island.
  • Dong Tam snake farm is the museum of first snakes in Vietnam and is the most exciting thing to see for adventure lovers.


  • Visitors should wear light and comfortable shoes that are suitable to the marshy grounds and murky water in My Tho
  • Keeping an ID proof handy is always important.
  • There are numerous tours available for visitors and there are touts who try to entice tourists into buying services at better rates than local agencies.
  • Visitors must trust local agencies or online agencies.
  • Vietnam is highly prone to erratic rainfall so visitors must carry clothes accordingly.

Culture and History

My Tho traces its history to the Funan Civilisation from the 1st-5th century, museums, historical buildings and cathedrals being evidence of that. However, after there hasn’t been any proof of Funan lineage as opposed to the Khmer civilisation that is clearly visible in this city. My Tho was one of the centres of American and Australian troops during the Vietnam War. This city was known to be home to Chinese troops who fled from Taiwan at the time. Even though My Tho represents more of Khmer ethnicity today, at one point, the largest battle in Mekong Delta: The Cai Lai of 1972 was fought here. This city is also connected to French colonisation as well as the American War when its first military presence further exposed My Tho into the commercial world. My Tho was named after the My Tho river when the Mekong Delta was founded in the 1680s and since then, this city has been developing, prospering and attracting immigrants from across the globe. The culture of My Tho is now a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese as well as Khmer ethnicities. This can be evidently seen in the floating markets and rice fields in this city.

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My Tho Photos

My Tho
My Tho City - Founded in1680s by Chinese Refugees
My Tho River - Flows For 45.3 kilometres
Boa Dinh River - Situated on East Side of My Tho

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FAQs on My Tho

What is famous about My tho?

Hometown of the rice and basa fish processing industry River markets

What is not so good about My tho?

The rivers are not well-maintained and can be quite murky River traffic in the evenings is difficult to maneouver

What is the best time to visit My tho?

My Tho is a city in South Vietnam that is prone to heavy rainfall and humidity. As a result, it isn’t the best choice for visitors to come here from May until January. Late January to March is the spring season also known as the flower season in My Tho that makes the place pleasant for tourists to roam around. The weather during early summer season (March to May) is also very satisfying for visitors as it makes the place more dry and convenient for travel purposes. 
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What is the local food in My tho?

My Tho is known for Hu Tieu My Tho, a type of noodle soup. Along with that, Fish Nam Bo, Field Crab, Dong Tahp eels, Tan Phong Shellfish and Southern field Mouse are a few common delicacies in this city. 
Restaurants that are highly recommended to tourists are Chuong Duong Restaurant, Bo De Quan, Ban Xeo Tu and Trung Luong Restaurant. 
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What are the places near My tho?

The top places near to My tho are Ho chi minh city which is 58 km from My tho, Nha trang which is located 373 km from My tho, Ben tre which is located 15 km from My tho, Bien hoa which is located 84 km from My tho, Cao lanh which is located 78 km from My tho

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