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Lombok is a small Indonesian island known for its mesmerising waterfalls. In addition to beautiful waterfalls, Lombok also provides visitors with the opportunity to have the ultimate beach life exper (Read More)ience with its line of exquisite beaches across its range of islands. Here are our top picks among the islands of Lombok. Surf through!

Here is the list of 5 Islands of Lombok

1. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan
4.3 /5

The gili islands are three islands close to lombok which are a popular tourist destination for those coming to lombok. Gili Trawangan is a small island which is part of this group and has no cars on it. You can spend your day bicycling around the island.

2. Gili Meno

Gili Meno

Gili Islands is a trio of small islands just off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. Gili Meno happens to be the centrally placed island of the three and is exceedingly small in size measuring just two kilometers in length with a width of one kilometer. The natural locale has not been developed fully as yet and attracts hordes of tourists seeking solitude amongst natural surroundings.

3. Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara

Gili Bidara is one of the 33 small isles in Lombok. Located to the east of Lombok, this island is an excellent spot spending the day with your family members and loved ones. The island is filled with beautiful white sand and amazing corals. Gili Bidara is known for offering spectacular views with Mount Rinjani on one side and Mount Tambora on the other. This island is one of the best places for snorkelling and picnicking.

4. Kondo Island

Kondo Island

Gili Kondo is a tiny island located to the eastern coast of Lombok. There are very few residents on this island, which allows it to remain quiet, calm and less crowded. Along with this island, there are other two islands in the same region; Gili Bidara and Gili Petagan. These three islands together are known as Tiga Pulau and is a top-rated tourist attraction. The three islands of Gili Islands can be a beautiful, comfortable and memorable vacation destination to enjoy the panoramic views with a lot of birds flying around, white sand beaches and bright coral reefs.

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5. Lampu Island

Lampu Island

The name Lampu is originated from the lighthouse which is standing on this island since the 1890s. The lighthouse, HM Koningin Wilhelmina, has remained very popular among tourists. The waters in this island are so clear that one can see the reflection of the cliffs on the surface of the water and colourful fish underwater can also be spotted through naked eyes. The island also has facilities for water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling.

Let us know about your favourite ones and the ones you've experienced or wish to explore in the comments sections below!

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