How to Reach Jaisalmer

Jodhpur is the nearest airport, about 300km. From there, one can take the train. Jaisalmer is connected well via railways to all major cities. One can also reach Jaisalmer by the famous 'Palace on Wheels'. The city is well connected to rest of the cities in the state by well maintained roads too.

Most frequently searched routes to Jaisalmer

Route Name Distance Time
Delhi to Jaisalmer 764 km 13 hours 17 mins
Udaipur to Jaisalmer 489 km 8 hours 23 mins
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer 286 km 4 hours 56 mins
Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer 535 km 9 hours 9 mins
Jaipur to Jaisalmer 567 km 9 hours 4 mins
Mumbai to Jaisalmer 1,058 km 17 hours 8 mins
Chandigarh to Jaisalmer 816 km 14 hours 2 mins
Bangalore to Jaisalmer 2,032 km 1 day 7 hours
Pune to Jaisalmer 1,196 km 19 hours 32 mins
Gurgaon to Jaisalmer 759 km 12 hours 30 mins
Hyderabad to Jaisalmer 1,786 km 1 day 6 hours
Kolkata to Jaisalmer 2,078 km 1 day 10 hours
Chennai to Jaisalmer 2,385 km 1 day 12 hours
Agra to Jaisalmer 807 km 13 hours 6 mins
Varanasi to Jaisalmer 1,408 km 22 hours 11 mins
Amritsar to Jaisalmer 789 km 13 hours 33 mins

How to reach Jaisalmer by flight

There are regular flights from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to Jodhpur. One can take connecting flights to this place from the other cities. It is advisable to take a cab from the Jodhpur airport to Jaisalmer. The picturesque view will make the 4-5 hours journey worthwhile.

Nearest Airport: Jodhpur Airport (JDH) - 225 kms from Jaisalmer

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How to reach Jaisalmer by road

Jaisalmer is well connected via a network of roads to most nearby cities. Buses are also easily available since it is such a popular destination among tourist.

How to reach Jaisalmer by train

Jaisalmer is really well connected in terms of the railway network. Especially with cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur, with major trains like “Delhi Jaisalmer Express”, “Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express”, and “Howrah Jaisalmer Express”. Rickshaws and autos are easily available outside the railway station. It usually takes about INR 40-50 for an auto ride to the centre of the city from the railway station.

How to reach Jaisalmer by bus

If you are taking a journey by a bus, all of the buses to Jaisalmer operate from the cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur and Jodhpur. If you decide to drive all the way to Jaisalmer (which can be quite strenuous), then it is advisable to stop at either Ajmer or Jodhpur, as they almost fall somewhere in the middle of the journey (if for instance, the journey is between Delhi and Jaisalmer).

Local transport in Jaisalmer

Autos and tongas are the most widely used mode of transport within the city. Bargaining is the key to tackle the auto-rickshaw drivers. Autos only ply between 8 AM to 8 PM to go inside the fort area.

Rickshaw pullers might not be as friendly as you would expect them to be, but it's the best way to beat the bottlenecks in the city. Bikes are available for rent too.

Bicycles, however, are much more recommended as they can be manoeuvred easily in congested areas (the fares of the bicycle being borrowed varies according to the model one borrows).

Hiring cabs for the entire day can be an expensive affair. But if you are willing to make this investment, a cab for four people can cost around INR 3000 for the entire day. If you are looking forward to booking a bike, the starting price is usually INR 1000 per day.

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