Jaisalmer in Winters - A Golden Retreat

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Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer, often termed the 'Golden City' of Rajasthan, shines its brightest in the winter months. As the chilly winds sweep across the sand dunes, the city comes alive with tourists, cultural events, and an ambience that's uniquely its own.

Weather Conditions in Jaisalmer in Winters

Jaisalmer experiences a desert climate, meaning summers can be scorching. But winter (from November to February) is the polar opposite. Daytime temperatures hover between 20°C and 25°C, making sightseeing pleasant, while nights can get quite cold, dropping to as low as 5°C or even lower. The skies remain clear, offering brilliant sunrises and sunsets over the dunes.

Jaisalmer Temperature in January: Winters in Jaisalmer are mild during the day with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C. Nights can get chilly, dropping to as low as 5°C.
Cloud Cover: Skies remain mostly clear during winter, allowing for brilliant views of sunrises and sunsets over the dunes.
Sunrise and Sunset: Sunrise typically occurs around 7:00 AM, with sunsets drawing the day to a close at approximately 5:45 PM.
Humidity: Jaisalmer remains dry in winters, with humidity levels ranging between 40% to 60%.
Windy Conditions: Wind speeds are mild to moderate, averaging about 8-12 km/h.
Attire Recommendation: Pack warm clothing like sweaters and jackets for evenings and nights. During the daytime, light woolens would suffice. Also, consider bringing along a good pair of shoes for desert safaris and sightseeing.

Things to Do in Jaisalmer in Winters

If camping in the middle of the desert has been on your wish list, Rajasthan just happens to be the place for you. The beautiful expanse of the golden desert, air sprinkled with sand and majestic yet humble camels around, set the scene for an exciting desert safari in Jaisalmer,  the quintessential city. While it’s known for its rather hot and humid climate through most parts of the year, winters are relatively cool and pleasant enough to spend over the desert and not get sunburned. December – January are the ideals months you should visit Jaisalmer, when the nights are much cooler and days have a winter chill in the air. Along with the exciting desert safari in Jaisalmer, here are some other things you should not miss while you are in Jaisalmer.

1. Jaisalmer Desert Camping

Camping, Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Camping in the Desert (Source)

The Prince Sam Dunes in the heart of the Thar Desert is where your actual desert safari in Jaisalmer begins! Camp out in the open with a late evening of food and drinks around the campfire. Don’t miss to spend some time star-gazing across the moon-lit sky either.

2. Jaisalmer Camel Rides across the Sand Dunes

Camel Safari, Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Camel rides in the desert (Source)

The vehicles of the desert, Camel rides are a fun way to explore the desert through a Desert Safari in Jaisalmer desert. The rocky ride on the camel and the slight possibility of slipping and falling off in the sand, make it all the more fun. While Jaisalmer Camel rides are for short distances, you could then take a jeep desert safari to explore the sand dunes and the local life and people of the Jaisalmer desert.

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3. Fort City – Sandstone Fort and Suncity

Fort City, Jaisalmer Desert Safari

Fort City, Jaisalmer (Source)

Popularly known as Sonar Quila, Jaisalmer is one the largest fortifications in the world. The fort stands on yellowish Sandstone, in the midst of the Thar Desert. The majestic fort contains many palaces and ancient Jain temples within all glorifying testimonies to the splendor of the fort city.

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4. The Merasi Music School – Folk culture of Rajasthan

Merasi school Folk music, Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

Folk music of Rajasthan (Source)

Rajasthan has a rich culture of folk arts, music being one of the prime. The Merasi Music School is a community of oppressed musicians struggling to keep their ancestral art form alive. It aims to pass the rich musical heritage on to its children. Spending an evening here, you will experience the folk culture of Rajasthan, the mesmerizing vocals and music will enthral you beyond words. The Desert Festival is held annually in Jaisalmer, sometime in January/February, and showcases local performing arts.

Festivities and Celebrations
Winter is the season of festivities in Jaisalmer. The renowned Desert Festival, usually held in February, is a three-day extravaganza showcasing Rajasthani culture, camel races, traditional dances, and local handicrafts. The Magnetic Fields Festival, although not traditional, brings an eclectic mix of music and arts to the desert, creating a mesmerizing fusion of old and new.


5. Gadisagar Lake and the haunted Kuldhara Village

Gadisagar Lake, Desert Safari Jaisalmer

Gadisagar Lake, Jaisalmer (Source)

The Gadisagar Lake in Jaisalmer is one of the city's scenic attractions, surrounded by temples and shrines of Amar Sagar. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an oasis by a rainwater conservation lake responsible for the arid city's entire water supply. Heading towards the ancient village Kuldhara near Jaisalmer, watch out for the caution signs and the eerie feeling you might get. This village is believed to be haunted, and its history and ruins have some fascinating stories to tell.

6. Along the Border – the famous Longewala Post

Border Town of Rajasthan, Safari in the Jaisalmer desert

Border Town of Rajasthan (Source)

Before you leave the city of Jaisalmer, drive to the border to see the Longewala Post and the famous Tanot Mata Temple for yourself, which is far from what was seen in the movie ‘Border’. Though playing the songs from the movie while you drive towards the border, will of course make sense.

Is Winter the Best Time to Visit?

Absolutely. Jaisalmer's beauty is accentuated during the winter months. The pleasant weather, numerous events, and lively atmosphere make it the ideal time for a visit. Winter is the peak tourist season, and Jaisalmer offers a range of accommodation options. There's something for everyone, from luxury desert camps and havelis to budget stays. But due to the rush, it's advisable to book in advance.

Jaisalmer in winter is a delightful experience. Its golden dunes, historical monuments, vibrant culture, and crisp desert air offer a unique and unforgettable experience. If you plan a trip to Rajasthan, ensure Jaisalmer in the winter is on your itinerary.

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