"The Blue City"

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Also Known as the "Gateway to Thar", it is famous for its Mehrangarh fort, blue houses, temples, sweets and snacks. Apart from the fort, there are multiple temples, lakes, shopping streets that are like a mirage from a bygone era.

Jodhpur is one of the most enchanting cities of Rajasthan, with its mighty Mehrangarh fort overlooking the city. An architectural masterpiece in itself, Mehrangarh Fort is a magnificent fort and is among one of the largest forts in Rajasthan. The city is called the Blue City as it looks completely blue in colour from an aerial view because of its blue walls and blue houses. Also seen in the backdrop of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Jodhpur attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. Nearby Jaswant Tada and Umaid Bhawan Palace are also among the top attractions in Jodhpur. Apart from the old blue city, Jodhpur has grown as a city with wider and cleaner roads in some parts. However, the magic lies in the old city itself with hundreds of shops, guesthouses, eating joints and vendors make it a chirpy bustling city, especially near the landmark clock tower and Sardar Market.

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Hotels in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is a major tourist hub, and ane might get any type of accommodation depending on one's budget without any problem. A lot of tourists like to stay in one of the numerous heritage hotels in Jodhpur, which give an authentic feel of staying in an old haveli. You would find such options starting from a budget of around 1500-2000 per night.

For those who want to stay in luxury, Jodhpur infact has some of the best hotels in the country. Notably, the Ummed Bhavan Palace which was originally used by the Royal family as their palace is now a heritage hotel, managed by the Taj group - a night's stay here would cost around 5000 per night.

Top Hotels in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Staring from INR 47,400

Ratan Vilas

Staring from INR 4,400

What's Great?

Rich in heritage and culture. Well connected to all major cities across the country. Beautiful architectural monuments. Delicious street food.

What's not so Great?

Summers can be very hot.

For Whom

Jodhpur is a great place for all those who love scenic beauty, magnificent architecture and an atmosphere of rich heritage and culture.

Jodhpur Tour Packages

The Desert Paradise

5 Nights

Staring from Rs. 12,000

Royalty of Rajasthan in 5 Days

4 Nights

Staring from Rs. 12,149


Day 1- Arrive at jodhpur, check-in and rest. Then visit local markets, bazaars and local food joints.
Day 2- Visit Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Manak Chowk Haveli.
Day 3- Visit Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. Shop for souvenirs and local handicraft items from the markets.

The Blue City

The Blue City of Rajasthan, Jodhpur has a bluish landscape and is noted for herculean Mehrangarh Fort. The colour of Jodhpur tells the history ? and makes it a legend - of a populace who shaped a paradise in the heart of the heat and sandstorms of Rajasthan. The Mehrangarh Fort, made with burnishing red sandstone provides a striking contrast to the blue city and 'stands out' at a height of 400 feet above the Jodhpur skyline.

History of Jodhpur

The city of Jodhpur was founded by the Rajput chief of the Rathore clan, Rao Jodha. It was believed that the Rajput clan that he belonged to were the successors of Lord Rama.

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Shopping in Jodhpur

People from all across the world visit Jodhpur to buy the handicrafts that it is famous for. In fact, there is an endless list of items which can be bought from the place.

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Jodhpur Cuisine is synonymous to spice, chilly, street food and a rich culture of sweets. There are a number of items the city has on its menu which are brimming with color, festivity and spices. One cannot come to Jodhpur and not try the almost staple and yet exciting in every bite, Mirchi Bada, Mawa Kachori and Pyaaz Kachori. Almost as popular and a must try item is Makhaniya Lassi.
Jodhpur is an equal paradise for those who love deserts- except that sweets will not just be the end of your course but are as significant as the entire meal itself and have a vibrant food culture about them. The popular indulges here are Besan ki Chakki, Mave ki Kachori, Motichoor ke Laddu and Maakhan Vade.

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Reviews for Jodhpur

- This is an extremely sunny city. Sun screen is a must! Also keep hats, glasses and umbrellas handy. Avoid taking food, etc from seemingly friendly locals as many instances of locals and tourists getting drugged and looted have surfaced.


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Questions about Jodhpur

By Abdur Rakib

How many will it take for me to explore all these maharangarh fort, jaswant tada, umaid bhawan palace, khejurla fort, not like just going and viewing it from outside.. But giving some time..

Just came from there over the weekend. Mehrangarh fort takes time - easily 3 hours if you really want to spend go through the collection in details, and appreciate it completely. Ummaid Bhawan Palace takes another 2-3 hours, and I would recommend to visit them both on different days. The rest of the attractions should not take so long. So I would say, please take upto 3 days if you want to really dig deep into all the different attractions of Jodhpur, although 2 days could be sufficient as well.

10 months ago 0 Comments

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