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Timings : Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM 1st and 15th of every month and four Chinese Festivals (The God of Literature, Shing Wong Festival, Birthday of Holy King – Emperor Kwan & Birthday of Pau): 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : No entry fee

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Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong Overview

The Man Mo Temple located in Sheung Wan is a picturesque temple built to worship Man Cheong (the God of Literature) and Mo Tai (the God of Martial Arts). This has led to the temple being called Man Mo, where Man translates to the God of Literature and Mo, the God of War.

There are numerous Man Mo temples in Hong Kong, but the one on Sheung Wan is most revered, and hence, is well known. If the tourists are looking to spend some tranquil time in the abode of Gods, then it is a must visit place for them. The Man Mo Temple also a good place for architectural buffs as they will witness some great architectural techniques and designs which have been incorporated while constructing the temple.

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Man Mo Temple Complex

The Man Mo Temple is mainly composed three-bay and two hall building format fronted by huge granite drum platforms. It is a huge compound which is decorated with Shiwan ceramic figurines, granite and wood carvings, plaster mouldings and murals which depict the old Cantonese Opera setting and is a fine example of traditional Chinese vernacular architectural form. Following the traditional Chinese architecture, the rear house hall has deities are few steps higher than the front hall. The hall in the middle houses Man Cheong and Mo Tai.

Lit Shing Kung is on the left of the Man Mo Temple and was initially three halls – two courtyards structure. However, the courtyards were later covered by the steel roof. Kung Sor is a one hall structure which was initially used as building where the community affairs were often discussed and settled. Now, it has been turned into a souvenir shop where people can buy small gifts, sculptures, murals and paintings. The Man Mo temple is an exquisite example of good architecture intertwined with the local beliefs and values.

Historical Significance of Man Mo Temple

Man Mo temple was built in 1947 by the wealthy Chinese merchants of Qing Dynasty. Mattes of trust, trade and other disputes between the Chinese and their colonial counterparts were solved within the walls of this temple in Kor Sur. Oaths were taken and negotiations took place in front of the God of Literature and the God of Martial Arts in order to harmony to prevail in the kingdom.


1. Wear decent clothes. Avoid wearing clothes that reveal the knee and the shoulder.
2. Do not smoke in the vicinity of the temple.
3. Do not click pictures at the Kung Sor and do not use flash while clicking the photos in the temple halls and compound.

How To Reach Man Mo Temple

Bus: One should take bus number 26 outside Pacific Place at Admiralty to Hollywood Road. Get off near the Man Mo Temple.

Train: Take the train to Wan Station and exit the station from Exit A2. Walk along the Hitler Street to Queen’s Road Central. Then, proceed up the Ladder Street next to Lok Ku Road and from there reach Hollywood Road and walk towards Man Mo Temple.

Mid-Level Escalators: Take the train to Central station and exit the station from Exit D2. Take a right towards the Theatre Lane. Walk along the Queen’s Road Central towards The Center. Then, take the Central–Mid–Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road.

Ferry: If one takes the bus from Star Ferry at Central Station, get down at the fifth station to reach Man Mo Temple.

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