Chi Lin Nunnery

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Timings : Halls: 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Courtyards and Ponds: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : No entry fee

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Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong Overview

The Chi Lin Nunnery is a Buddhist temple complex on Diamond Hill in Hong Kong. It is regarded as one of the most majestic looking religious shrines in the country that combines exquisite wooden architecture, exquisite flora and greenery with the serene chanting of the nuns.

The architecture of Chi Lin Nunnery is reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty style, a distinguishing feature being that it was built without using any nails. The nunnery has unique temple halls for different purposes flanked around with the ever so immaculate corridors and courtyards along with intricate wooden carvings and stunning goldwork.

Opposite the Chi Lin Nunnery is the famous Nan Lian Garden, built in the same architectural style to compliment the beautiful temple complex. Both of these attractions can be visited free of cost.

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Layout and Structure of Chi Lin Nunnery

The almost unbelievable highlight of Chi Lin Nunnery’s structure is the fact that not a single nail was used in building the complex, instead the technique occupied was where sections of wood were interlocked and conjoint in the way jigsaw puzzles are! The intention behind this was to symbolize the harmonious coexistence of humans with nature.

Chi Lin Nunnery Hong Kong
The stunning Chi Lin Nunnery building (Source)
To keep up with this tradition of the Tang Dynasty’s craftsmanship, only natural materials like wood, clay, and stone were used to construct the buildings. When one looks at the complex and then the looming skyscrapers behind it, the juxtaposition is low key ironical. The lotus pond garden is situated in the first courtyard with ravishing flower work which gives way to the Hall of Celestial Kings having statues of the 4 heavenly kings and their deities. The statues are meant to represent a stance against evil, bringing knowledge, prosperity and standing for the principles of the Chinese culture.

Chi Lin Nunnery
The Lotus Pond Garden (Source)
The third and main hall located behind features statues of Buddha, surrounded by Bodhisattva Manjusre and Bodhisattva Samantabhandra who are known as the 2 holy personas of the Buddhist religion. From the details of the doors and walls to the obvious lavishness of the gardens, the Chi Lin Nunnery is an architectural marvel, a spiritual and peaceful haven, a place that deserves all the due admiration.

How To Reach Chi Lin Nunnery

MTR: Use the convenient MTR bus connectivity to reach MTR Diamond Hill Station, take the exit C2 and follow the signs as a short walk of around 5 minutes to reach the nunnery.

Taxi: Another option is to use the taxi/cab because they are available almost everywhere in the city. The cost will be higher than using the MTR though of course.


  • Photography is prohibited inside the temple halls
  • There is an on-site vegetarian restaurant inside the complex called the Chi Lin Restaurant.

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