Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

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Timings : Tuesday to Monday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday and Public Holidays: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Monday, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the first three days of Chinese New Year: Closed
Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year’s Eve: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : Adults: HKD 20
Full time Students, Senior Citizens, Children (under the age of 6) and people with disabilities: HKD 10
Families (maximum 3 children and 2 adults): HKD 50

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Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, Hong Kong Overview

Established in 1966 at Caine Lane at Mid-Levels, the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences is a declared monument showcasing the historical development of medical sciences in Hong Kong. It is one of the first museums in the world which compared the traditional Chinese approaches of medicines with that of the Western world.

The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences is the site where Hong Kong’s historical fight against infectious diseases took place. The museum holds regular exhibitions to showcase the basic and advanced medical information. Housed in the Old Pathological Institute, the museum sits in a renovated three-storeyed Edwardian style building, which is another major highlight for the visitors.

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Guided Tours

The Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences provides guided tours to groups which have 15 or more participants. All guided tours last for 1 hour 30 minutes. The guided tours for school students last for 1 hour 30 minutes as extra 20 minutes are given to them to them to view the exhibits on their own. In order to book a guided tour an application form needs to be filled which is available on the website.

Moreover, people who visit in group tours can avail 30 per cent discount on the admission fees. All the group tours include four common themes which are core to understanding the development of medical sciences, but if needed, the visitors can choose other themes too which they wish to know about.

Theme 1: Public Health, Conservation and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, Past and Present – this theme gives a glimpse of historical Chinese residential district of Taipingshan, introduction to the model of vaccines against Smallpox in the Old Pathological Institute, exhibit of SARS outbreak of 2003 along with its impact and influenza pandemics and its current threats.

Theme 2: Development of Medical and Health Services in Hong Kong – this tour showcases the history of development of medical sciences in Hong Kong, the stories behind the establishment of the institution and the contributions made by some exceptional people towards the development of medical sciences on the island.

Theme 3: Traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine Introduction and Comparison – this tour focuses on the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including the Herbalist Shop Display, equipment and procedures used in TCM and comparison between the basic concepts of TCM and Western Medical Sciences.

Theme 4: Appreciation of the Architectural Features of the Museum Building and Conservation of the Protected Monument – this tour introduces the visitors to the attractive architectural features of the museum and talks about the effort put and are needed for the conservation of the museum.

Exhibitions at Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

There are nine exhibition displays in the museum.

Permanent Exhibition – Human Body
This exhibition allows the visitors to know about the intriguing human body. It displays the inner structures and workings of the human body with the help of latest 3D and 4D technologies.

The Old Laboratory
This gallery was built when the Bacteriological Institute was opened in 1906. It still has ceramic taps of that time and displays the students of Hong Kong College dissecting a rat to know the causes of plague. It also showcases the stations where prominent works of the institute with regard to malaria control and examination of water was carried out.

Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
Model of a rat being dissected

Introducing the Hong Kong College of Medicine
The Hong College of Medical Sciences was founded by private practitioners in 1887 to train Chinese doctors in Western Medicine so that they could use the knowledge to treat people of Chinese community. This display shows the prominent practitioners who not only were the founders of the college but were also good doctors who contributed immensely to the development of medical sciences.

New Exhibition – Health and Medicine in Hong Kong

This gallery portrays the story of history and development of medicine in Hong Kong from the early days of traditional medicine to the present day medical sciences. It is showcased through the help of images, models and objects.

The Spleen in Chinese and Western Medicine
This exhibition explains the anatomical and functional differences and similarities between spleen in Western medicine and Chinese medicine. It is an interesting display as it showcases how both Western and Chinese medicines interact with each other.

SARS Exhibition
This exhibition contains four parts. It consists of the 2003 SARS episode, how Hong Kong took the lead in finding out the virus causing the infection, the immediate and long term impact and the lessons learnt and how prevention of another SARS outbreak could take place. The exhibit also displays the faulty drainage pipe systems which led to the outbreak of SARS in Amoy Garden.

Production of Vaccine against Smallpox
One of the key works of the Old Pathological Institute was to find the vaccine for Smallpox. This display shows the life size model of the doctors involved and that of the calf and the time when the vaccination was being made.

The Herbal Garden
This garden has medicinal herbs and was opened in 2003. It provides the visitors a relaxing and pleasant place to learn about the usage of medicinal plants in medical sciences.

The Herbalist Shop
This exhibition displays how medicinal plants were used in the past by the Chinese practitioners to treat the patients.It displays the specimens of Chinese herbal medicines used, the principals, methods, tools and other apparatus used to prepare them.

The Herbalist Shop at Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
The Herbalist Shop

How To Reach Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences

Central Mid Level Escalators: Visitors can use the Central–Mid Level Escalators (after 10:30 AM) from Central to Caine Road. After reaching Caine Road, walk towards the west direction for 10 minutes to reach Ladder Street. Descend the Ladder Street and turn left after the first flight of stairs on the Caine Road. The museum is located on the right side of the Caine Road.

Train: The visitors can also reach the museum via train and get down Sai Yung Pun MTR station. Walk towards the Central along the Bomham Road and Caine Road for 15 to 17 minutes. Descend from Ladder Street and turn left after the first flight of steps into Caine Lane. 

Bus and Minibus: Visitors can take minibus or bus service via Caine Road and get down at Ladder Street.
  • From Central to Caine Road (west bound):
    Bus Number – 12, 12M, 13, 23, 23B, 40, 40M and 103
    Green Minibus Number – 8, 10, 22, 28 and 31
    Get down at Ladder Street on the Caine Road and cross the road. Descend from the Ladder Street and take a left turn after the first flight of steps on the Caine Road.

  • From Pok Fu Lam to Caine Road (east bound):
    Bus Number – 40M and 103
    Green Minibus Number: 8, 10, 22, 28 and 31
    Get down at the Ladder Street stop on the Caine Road. Descend from the Ladder Street and take a left turn after the first flight of steps on the Caine Road. Visitors who are travelling by large coaches of taxis are recommended to get down at Caine Road and descend the Ladder Street till they reach museum. They can also get down at Kui In Fong and Po Hing Fong and climb the steps to the museum
Private Transport or Taxi: From Hollywood Road, take a right from Man Mo Temple to reach Square street. Pass Kui In Fong and Blake garden and climb the Caine Lane until you reach the museum. Park the cars in the paid parking space as the museum does not have any parking facilities.
Paid parking spots are available on Bridges Street (Centrestage Parking) or on Hollywood Street (Wilson Parking) just east of Man Mo temple. Limited parking space is available on Po Hing Fong road.

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