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What is the best time to visit Harsil?

Summers are a season of pleasant weather in Harsil. Evenings are cool and salubrious for sightseeing. Carry light woollen if travelling during the season. Winters in Harsil experience nail biting cold with the temperature at time dipping below freezing point. Do carry heavy woollens for the winter season. Trekking becomes difficult during the time but offers a beautiful sight. During monsoon, the town is fresh and blooming but landslide may ruin it. Hence, an ideal time to be in Harsil is between the months of April and October.

Weather in Harsil


Upcoming Harsil Weather

Monthly Weather in Harsil

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 1°/ -9° 16 days
February 3°/ -9° 7 days
March 5°/ -6° 16 days
April 9°/ -2° 16 days
May 13°/ 1° 11 days
June 17°/ 6° 8 days
July 17°/ 10° 26 days
August 18°/ 11° 22 days
September 17°/ 8° 6 days
October 12°/ 1° 2 days
November 8°/ -3° 12 days
December 4°/ -8° 6 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Harsil

Harsil in Summer (April - June)

The weather remains pleasant and clear during the summers. Carry light woollens with you. The maximum temperature goes up to 22 degrees Celsius and the minimum to 9 degrees Celcius. These months are splendid for trekking and outdoor activities. The city is filled with a warm aroma and has the perfect temperature to add to its charm.

Harsil in Monsoons (July - September)

Harsil receives heavy rainfall during July and August. It is best not to plan a trip during this period as the roads can be blocked due to landslides, and also outdoor activities will come to a standstill. September receives the post monsoon showers. The weather is pleasant and warm during the day. The valley is adorned with a thick green blanket and decorated with wild flowers. Don't forget to carry your raincoats and all the other essentials if you are travelling to Harsil during this period.

Harsil in Winter (October - March)

October marks the onset of the winter season. The weather in October remains pleasant with a slight fall in the temperature by the end of the month. It is suitable for outdoor activities. During the following months, the temperature drops significantly. Harsil receives snowfall during the winters, and the temperature touches zero and sometimes even negative. Do carry heavy woollens with you if you are planning to visit Harsil during the winters. Trekking excursions will turn difficult and quite inaccessible.

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