What is the best time to visit Auli?

The best time to visit Auli for skiing is between December and March. However, the best season to visit Auli is throughout the year. The summer months in Auli extends from April to June are great to experience pleasant weather. May to November are fairly pleasant in Auli and are the right months for indulging in leisure outdoor.

Weather in Auli


Upcoming Auli Weather

Monthly Weather in Auli

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 5°/ -4° 14 days
February 8°/ -3° 6 days
March 9°/ -1° 16 days
April 14°/ 2° 14 days
May 18°/ 5° 5 days
June 20°/ 9° 10 days
July 19°/ 11° 24 days
August 19°/ 12° 25 days
September 19°/ 10° 16 days
October 16°/ 5° 3 days
November 13°/ 3° 8 days
December 8°/ -2° 6 days

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Auli in Winter (October - February)

Even though Auli is an ideal place to visit throughout the year, if you wish to experience skiing at its finest, then make sure to plan a trip between December to February. Considering the perfect conditions for skiing at Auli, be certain that you are in for an unforgettable experience! Auli receives massive crowds of people in winter who arrive to satiate their appetite for excitement and rush by descending the steep slopes while zooming past the green trees masked in powdery snow. The splendid views of the surrounding peaks like Kamet, Nanda Devi, and Dunagiri can be witnessed during winters.
Auli Hills - Himalaya Badri Mountains
Auli Hills - Himalaya Badri Mountains

As the temperature of Auli more or less stays between 5 degree Celsius and -1 degree Celsius, the chills demand exciting activities and experiences! Apart from skiing, you can also visit several tourist destinations like Gurson Bugyal, Trishul Peak, Chenab Lake, Joshimath, and Rudraprayag during these months. Owing to the favourable climate, Auli becomes a hotbed of trekking groups, honeymooners, and nature lovers. As icing on the cake, you may also witness the enthralling Winter Carnival hosted at this time. Head out to one of the several ski resorts in Auli and enrol yourself for an unforgettable experience!

Auli in Summer (April - June)

In summers, Auli has a refreshing climatic condition. The average maximum temperature recorded in Auli is 20 degrees. Hence, the weather is pleasant and ideal for trekking and sightseeing. Auli is home to lush greenery and perfect weather for sightseeing. Make the most out of Auli in the summer months, ideally between April and June, by heading out to Kwani Bugyal, Nandprayag, Valley of Flowers, Vansh Narayan Kalpeshwar, and Nanda Devi National Park. The vibrant-coloured flora, the cool breeze, and the overall beauty of this place make it an ideal destination to escape the scorching heat during the summer.
Nandi Devi from Auli
Nanda Devi from Auli

Auli in Monsoon (July - September)

Auli is one of those places which receive moderate rainfall in the monsoon months, which fall approximately between June and September, thereby making it an ideal place to visit even during this time. Fluctuating between 10 degree Celsius and 20 degree Celsius, the temperature of Auli is also ideal for leisurely walks across the hill station. However, be careful since the roads tend to get slippery. An enjoyable ride from Auli to Joshimath on the ropeway is an excellent idea at this time since the surroundings are washed with pouring rain and takes on a fresh, green appearance.

Auli Lake
Auli Lake

Events in Auli

Winter Sports: Skiing

December - March

Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, Auli offers a perfect environment for skiing with it's clean, glittering slopes. At a height of about 2500-300 meters above sea level, one gets a panoramic view of se (Read More)veral mountain peaks such as Mt. Nanda Devi, Ghori Parbat, etc. This place is a must visit for the peeps passionate about skiing.

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Auli, Uttarakhand
Trishul Peak - highest peak in western Kumaon range (7120m)
Chenab Lake

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