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Madhyamaheshwar Tourism

A small sacred town of Madhyamaheshwar is a place full of mysteries and blessed with bounty of nature. Renowned for its Madhyamaheshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it gathers the whole hamlet to pray in the evening along with many tourists.

Dusted with small huts, villages with their own culture and unique traditions, this quaint little town has an essence of old world. It beautiful backdrop of snow covered Himalayas, sprawling alpine meadows and thick cover of forests adds more charm to its beauty. Temple in typical North Indian style structure and salubrious weather throughout the year completes the beautiful sepia tinted picture of this place. Situated at an altitude of 3265 m above the sea level, Madhyamaheshwar has spiritual vibes oozing out of it which are difficult to ignore.

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More on Madhyamaheshwar

Spirituality Amidst the Hills

Endowed with a majestic landscape, which includes the deep gorges, Himalayan valleys and the lush greenery, Madhyamaheshwar is a sacred place for worship of Lord Shiva, located at an altitude of 3,289 meters. One of the Panch Kedars, this temple has a unique navel shaped lingam of Lord Shiva made of black stone. The structure of the temple is in typical North-Indian style. The Arti performed in the temple as a daily ritual leaves an aroma of spirituality into the air and generates a calmness in one's soul. The trek which is a part of the journey to reach Madhyamaheshwar will give you a one of a kind experience and will leave your senses mesmerised.

Suggested Itinerary for Madhyamaheshwar

Madhyamaheshwar is a place where most of the time, one will be trekking amid nature. Once reached Ukhimath, begin your journey with the graces of Lord Shiva at Omkeshwar temple. Head on to Uniana from where begins your 21 km trek. Madhyamaheshwar Temple will be your next stop located at the height of 3490 m above the sea level. From there if you think you can handle a difficult trek of 2 km, continue to Budha Madhyamaheshwari. Make sure you are carrying the eatables along with you as they may not be available at proper intervals. The trek trail from Uniana to Madhyamaheswari is: Uniana - Ransi Village - Gaundhar - Bantoli - Khatara - Nanu - Madhyamaheshwar.

Madhyamaheshwar Photos

Madhyamaheshwar, Uttarakhand
Madhyamaheshwar Temple

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FAQs on Madhyamaheshwar

What is famous about Madhyamaheshwar?

Surrounded by picturesque green valley and snow peaks. Good trekking trails.

What is not so good about Madhyamaheshwar?

Limited options for food and accommodation.

Who should visit Madhyamaheshwar?

For all those people who are looking to calm the storm inside them as the journey to this sacred place will calm you from within and for all the adventure seekers as this site demands a long trek. It is one of the temples to be visited in the Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit. Hence it is visited by people from all over.

What is the best time to visit Madhyamaheshwar?

Madhyamaheshwar is a small village which experiences moderate weather throughout the year. The summers are warm but pleasant while winters can get cold. It is best to travel to Madhyamaheshwar between the months of May and October. The main attraction of the place, Madhyamaheshwar Temple remains closed from November to April. So if your purpose of travelling is spiritual, prefer not to travel during the duration mentioned above. The monsoon season experiences almost no rainfall.
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What is the local food in Madhyamaheshwar?

This small quaint village, when comes to eating outlet, has hardly any option other than at your place of stay. So make sure you carry some packaged food while travelling around the place.

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What is the best way to reach Madhyamaheshwar?

Located in a hilly terrain, Madhmaheshwar does not hold a railway station or an airport. However, Madhmaheshwar can be reached from the Rishikesh Railway Station as it is the nearest railway station to it. Similarly, one can reach Madhmaheshwar from Jolly Grant Airport (Dehradun). From the airport and the railway station, one can reach a point from where one has to trek the remaining distance to reach the sacred temple as a journey by road is not possible beyond a certain point. There are two possible ways to reach the temple via trekking, one is by going to Ukhimath and from there to Unaina village, from the village a trek of 21 km will take you to the Madhmaheshwar temple. Another possible way is to reach Guptakashi, from here a 30 km long trek will take you to the temple. Out of the 30 km trek from Guptakashi, 7 km is motorable, so one has to go through a trek of 23 km by foot.

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What are the places near Madhyamaheshwar?

The top places near to Madhyamaheshwar are Auli which is 35 km from Madhyamaheshwar, Valley of flowers which is located 39 km from Madhyamaheshwar, Nainital which is located 140 km from Madhyamaheshwar, Badrinath which is located 29 km from Madhyamaheshwar, Kedarnath which is located 17 km from Madhyamaheshwar

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Madhyamaheshwar Reviews

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Rohit Shroff Shroff 2 years ago
- Carry extra food and supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- Winters are quite cold but beautiful at the same time, so carry heavy woolens if travelling during the season.
- Since most of the way to the s=destination is via trekking, make sure you carry a good pair of shoes.
Lakhan Murmu 2 years ago
Long trek starting from ransi village in between two three villages and hut were there for night stay and food, tea.Trek was bit difficult but after reaching to the temple all tiredness feel like swept away with the cold wind over there.
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