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Gaumukh Tourism

One of the holiest lands in Uttarakhand, Gaumukh is thronged by devotees mainly for its serenity and pious mythological history. Gaumukh is not exactly a tourist town or city, but a glacial trekking destination located within Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand.

It is often considered the cradle of North Indian Hindu mythology, primarily the one centered around the river Ganges, who reincarnated on Earth upon sage Bhagirath's insistence to purge his ancestors if their sins, so they could ascend to heaven. The chief tributary of the holy river Ganges, called Bhagirathi, originates from Gaumukh. The name Gaumukh itself, can be broken down to Gau- meaning cow, and Mukh - meaning mouth. The end of the Gangotri glacier, is in the shape of a cow's mouth, and hence the name Gaumukh.

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Gaumukh Highlights

1. Gaumukh Trek

Gaumukh Trek
The Gaumukh trek is one of the most arduous treks in Northern India. However, as is said of most treks, the longer and tougher it is, more rewarding is the destination, so is the case for this instance of adventure.

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Gaumukh Photos

Gaumukh, Uttarakhand
Gaumukh Trek
Gomukh, Mouth of a Cow, the snout of the glacier along the river
A small shrine at Gaumukh, Gangotri glacier.

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FAQs on Gaumukh

What is the best time to visit Gaumukh?

September - June is the best time to visit Gaumukh. The sacred site of Gaumukh, from where the glacier finally starts melting giving birth to the great river, is best visited from April to June and again from September to November. The winter months are too cold for a visit and rainfall makes transportation difficult during the monsoons, which only leaves the spring, summer and autumn months.

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What is the local food in Gaumukh?

Not many eating out options are available due to the extremely challenging terrain. However, the guest houses at Bhujbhasa on the Gaumukh trek, the Lalbaba Ashram, the Rambaba Ashram, and the GMVN bungalow have some basic meals available, and a lot of dry food you can pack for the rest of the trek as well.
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What are the places near Gaumukh?

The top places near to Gaumukh are Auli which is 64 km from Gaumukh, Valley of flowers which is located 54 km from Gaumukh, Nelong valley which is located 21 km from Gaumukh, Kedarnath which is located 21 km from Gaumukh, Madhyamaheshwar which is located 35 km from Gaumukh

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Q. Is it allowed to do a solo trek from Gaumukh to Tapovan with out any guide or porter...?

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Gaumukh Reviews

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Devyani Chandra 2 years ago
- Carry heavy mountaineering shoes, the terrain does not allow for normal sports gear.
- Pack lots of dry foodstuff, or if not a whole lot of it, then at least enough to last you till Bhujwasa, the half trek pitstop.
- Carry water, and your usual medical supplies, especially hydrating solutions like ORS etc. since the trek is short, but very tiring in its own self.
- Travel light, avoid too much clothing or unnecessary baggage, since you have to carry it all along the trek itself.
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