What is the best time to visit Kedarnath?

Kedarnath is cold for the most part of the year, however, May to June and September to October are the best time to visit Kedarnath. This means that avoiding the winters while planning your trip might be a wise decision. Winter ranges from November to April, reaching sub-zero temperatures along with heavy rainfall. Summertime (May-June) brings pleasant weather, ideal for visiting Kedarnath and other nearby sites. However, monsoons fall from July to August and bring heavy rainfall, causing landslides and hindrance.

Weather in Kedarnath


Upcoming Kedarnath Weather

Monthly Weather in Kedarnath

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 7 15
February 10 19
March 12 22
April 18 28
May 21 29
June 22 29
July 22 27
August 22 27
September 21 26
October 17 25
November 12 21
December 9 19

Kedarnath in Summer (May - June)

As Kedarnath is always a certain degree of cold, the summer months of April, May and June are cool, pleasant, and perfect for sightseeing. The average temperature is around 17 degree Celsius while the range lies from 15 degree Celsius to a maximum of 30 degree Celsius. Individuals visiting Kedarnath at this time are bound to partake in either the visitation of the various temples dedicated to different gods from the Hindu religion or sightseeing and trekking up the various trails scattered around the town.
Kedranath Temple
Kedranath Temple

Kedarnath in Monsoon (July - August)

The monsoons in Kedarnath begin in July and end somewhere in Mid- September. From here on till November (winter time), Kedarnath’s weather is at a middle ground and also the peak season for visiting the town. The monsoons in Kedarnath brings heavy rainfall and occasional landslides making it less than ideal to visit the town. The temperature also maintains a steady average of 12 degree Celsius. It is considered as a flood-prone area, considering 2013 floods, so the temple is shut down during monsoon.
Kedranath Temple at night
Kedranath Temple at Night

Kedarnath in Winter (November - April)

Kedarnath during the winter months of November to March is practically inaccessible due to heavy snowfall which leads to most of the roads being blocked for individuals. The temperatures go below sub-zero levels with heavy rainfall. Many people make it a point to leave the town before the onset of winter, making it a ghost town. The heavy snow is piled up in sheets and covers every inch of the town. The Kedarnath temple, Kedarnath’s main attraction, also remains shut during this time of the year.
Kedarnath temple and the Himalayas
Kedarnath temple and the Himalayas

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