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Van Phuc Silk Village, Hanoi Overview

The Van Phuc Silk Village of Hanoi was introduced to the world at an international silk exhibition at Marseille in France in the 1930's. This traditional Vietnamese village became an instant hit in the international markets due to the quality of its silk and the smooth and lightweight nature of its textiles.

One of Hanoi's main attractions, the Van Phuc Silk Village is one of the oldest silk village that produces the best quality silk products. It was initially just a producer and tailor for the couture of the royal members of the Nguyen Dynasty of Vietnam. The set up of this place is quite basic and of traditional sorts, with banyan trees, communal houses and power looms for the production. The premium quality of the silk produced here is because of the use of simple handlooms, the classic Vietnamese style of producing silk.

Silk Embroidery at Van Phuc Silk Village
Van Phuc Silk Village is a Famous Traditional Village in Hanoi, Famous in the International Silk Market (Source)

Van Phuc Silk Village is known throughout the world for the premium quality of its textiles. To cater to the needs of their customers, they have broadened their range of silk products such as embroidered silk, traditional glossy silk, wrinkled silk and double layered silk, all available in different vibrant and beautiful shades of colors. There are independent shops and mechanized manufacturing looms besides few of the ancient manual looms. One can buy souvenirs or proper clothes, according to their own need as the range of textile products available is indeed vast.

How to Reach Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc Silk Village is situated on the banks of the Nhue river, 10 kms southwest of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. There are a number of ways to reach the place. One can either hire a taxi or a motorbike form the Hanoi Centre on Nguyen Trai Road, travelling south west until they reach the border of the Hanoi district, from where they have to travel 3 km right till they reach the village. One could also take bus routes 02, 21 and then walk 500 metres to reach the village.

Silk Robes, Van Phuc Silk Village, Hanoi, Vietnam
Van Phuc Silk Village in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

It is interesting to see how 90% of the houses in Van Phuc Silk Village have been turned into a loom, making it look like a 'silk shop town'. One can also get their clothes tailored here, according to their own chosen designs, be it formal, informal or traditional Vietnamese robes. In all it is a tourist friendly place and a must visit for people visiting Hanoi.

Photos of Van Phuc Silk Village

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