Amid the ruins of the Vijayanagara Kingdom in lies a huge variety of South Indian cuisine. The rise in inbound travelling has lead to the opening of restaurants serving a flattering variety of cuisines from all over the world. But being a town of temples, one bank of Tungabhadra River accommodates the temples due to which nonvegetarian food is completely prohibited on that side.

The restaurants offer cakes, cookies, pita bread and, hummus. Therefore, just in case you find a need to linger your taste buds on some continental dishes you can choose to visit these restaurants. Do not forget to give clear instructions, if any, about the food being ordered to the person in service.

If you are a fan of pasta you should try homemade pasta by a small home run restaurant, Suresh. The pasta is known for its unique flat, thick and long shape. With Indian spices, the pasta reaches further heights in its taste.

Some popular restaurants 
Try some vegetarian thalis at Mango Tree and Suresh.

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants- Mango Tree, Laughing Buddha, Funky Monkey Restaurant, The Goan Corner, The Bridge, Tibetan Kitchen

Asian and Israeli- Chill Out In Bamboo Restaurant, Hampi Roof Restaurant, Funky Monkey Restaurant, Tibetan Kitchen, Nargila Guesthouse Restaurant

All of the restaurants are concentrated in the small markets on both sides of the Tungabhadra river - although the northern side definitely has a lot more variety and better cafes. You will find a lot of restaurants serving Italian (pasta/lasagna/pizzas) and Israeli (lafa/shakshouka) food, along with the usual Indian food.

Most of the cafes here are very laid back, so expect leisurely service and a chill ambience with pleasant music and some scenic views. If you would like to get a good view, crossing the river to the north side is definitely worth the effort - there are some cafes with a view of either the river or the rice fields.

Photos of Famous Food in Hampi

Local dishes of Hampi
Local dishes of Hampi

Restaurants in Hampi

Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan


6:30 AM to 11 PM

INR 350 for two

Located right opposite the bus stand, this eatery sports out some pretty cheap vegetarian thalis.

Gopi Guest House, Hampi Bazaar, Hampi



INR 80-120 for two

Quietly tucked beside a small banana plantation en route to a small group of waterfalls, this restaurant serves some mouthwatering delicacies, which justifies the 2km walk out of town to reach this lovely place.

Hampi, India

Shiv Moon


8 AM to 10 PM

INR 70-200 for two

You can enjoy a pleasant and picturesque view of the riverside from this restaurant. A friendly little joint, it has been praised a lot for the excellent quality of its food.

Hampi Bazaar, Bellary, Hampi, India

Durga Huts


INR 120-200 for two

An immediate hit with the music lovers, mainly because of the presence of a few instruments for an impromptu jam session. Not much can be said by the food, though.

Hampi, India

Hoova Craft Shop & Cafe



INR 80-120 for two

A quiet place where one can have a decent, filling meal. If you're interested, the local village women sell a lot of souvenirs.

Anegundi, Karnataka 583227

Mango Tree

Continental, Indian


INR 200-600 for two

Amusingly located in the middle of a banana plantation, Mango Tree restaurant is the most popular restaurant in Hampi. The restaurant has delicious vegetable curry and banana fritters. The ambience of the place adds to the food. The 'hurricane-lantern dinner' that the place offers is much talked about.

River Side Drive, Near Temple, Janata Plot, Hampi, Karnataka 583239

Gopi Guesthouse and Restaurant



Gopi Restaurant gives you the best balance of good food, reasonable prices and great rooftop atmosphere. The menu is more limited than other restaurants but the food served is delicious.

Hampi Village Centre, Near Virupaksha Temple, Hampi583239, India

Laughing Buddha

Continental, Indian

10 AM-11 PM

INR 300 for two

Laughing Buddha gives you a great view of river Tungabhadra while enjoying your meal. The food served matches up to the lovely ambiance of the place.

Virupapur Gadde,Anjanhalli, Karnataka 583234

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